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Make Music your Main Hustle w Killer Mike's Plan

What's the Deal? Life is Crazy

So you have a side project as a proof of concept that you kind of know what you’re doing, however, you want to take your side hustle and turn it into your main hustle! What you’re missing is full confidence and a plan to accomplish this goal. That's why I'm using Killer Mike's framework for this video today.

Right now you may be making $500 a month and we need to get you to $5000 a month at the very minimum to make music your main hustle. If you are an artist this will be easy, if you’re the label it will be a little more difficult. Now, this may make you feel a little shaky inside because you’re starting to see that this thing really can be real! However, what you shouldn’t be doing right now is sitting on the sideline while you’re making $500 a month because that equals momentum and once you lose it, it's hard to get it back.

I had to regain and maintain momentum with several artists and it was a difficult task. They were all missing a few things that I had 1. to secure for myself and 2. try out myself after I gained the experience from doing it myself since most artists don't want to touch the business.

Make Music your Main hustle in 6 Steps

  • Plot Goals

  • Develop a Business Plan

  • Develop the Strategy

  • Organize Your Team

  • Mobilize Your Team

  • Execute Your Plan

Music Career Step #1 - Plot Goals

When you’re setting goals, it’s important to know what you want and why you want it. This will help guide you towards a practical approach that is realistic enough for your situation, yet ambitious enough for your passion and interests.

You should also consider the time frame in which you wish to achieve these goals, as well as any obstacles that might get in the way of achieving them. The more specific and detailed these questions are, the better equipped we will be when we get down to actually planning our path forward.