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So what's the plan?

We know that building a complete record label and publishing company can be a lot! Don't worry we've laid out every step in perfect sequence so you don't get lost along the way.


Here's how we'll get started:

In The Studio

We Already Know.

The Music Business isn't easy

All music creators and industry professionals struggle with starting their music careers. In addition, they struggle to make a living in the music business. This makes them fearful about doing business with each other.


Creators care about owning their rights and making money and New label owners and music publishers care about giving the best to their clients and making money


We understand this issue 100%. Rights and cash flow are a problem for both sides and neither should be ill-equipped when starting or catching their second wind in the music industry.

You can...

Start thriving in

60 Days or less!

Cash flow doesn't just happen it takes structure so you can really see your business and music career rise to the top. In just 60 days you can have the proper structure to receive all incoming cash and roaylites. This adds a boost to your revenue of nearly 60-70% for most artists and execs.


As you're rising to the top imagine how you will feel and appear to others as you become a real player in the music business game.


Here's what we will focus on to put you in the winning spot!

Female Performer
Office Meeting

Step 1

Build Your LLC

Many new business owners don't understand how or why they should create an LLC. On top of that, they don't know how to even use one specifically for the music business. We're going to build a robust Limited Liability company that will open up the stream for cash, protect your rights and create an operating hub for the entire business.

Step 2

Build Your Records Division

We need to develop a record label division for your LLC. This doesn't just start and end at DistroKid. We have to make the LLC and Distributor work together seamlessly so you can increase your cash flow back to the business instead of you personally.

Colorful Records
Sheet Music

Step 3

Build Your Publishing Division

One of the most important steps in our 60 Day Record Label framework is the publishing division. This brings a continuous flow of cash to everyone even if you are not a master owner. Publishing is complex and we get this too! However, when this process is complete you'll be able to collect all the royalties due to you domestically and internationally while cutting out the middleman in the process.

Step 4

Learn the game with our in-depth contract walkthroughs!

Having all the accounts set up to collect your money from listeners is not enough. You need to learn how the music game works through a standard 360 contract and producer contract so you can play the game with confidence! 

Signing a Contract

Start With Ease

You can get started with just three easy steps!

Gold Record.jpeg

Purchase The Course

Purchase the 60 Day Record Label™ Course and Download all the materials

Gold Record.jpeg

Review The Timeline

Watch the timeline video in the course then find the best time to start the process.

Gold Record.jpeg


Begin the course right away or when you're ready!

Dollar Notes

In this moment...

How much is it costing you to lose?

... your unclaimed royalties? My guess would be A LOT!

When you're losing royalties your first thought is Songtrust, surely they can help me! WRONG! They are just a middleman.


Imagine how clutch it will be to keep the middleman out of your business while you're growing. You could grow much faster.


On top of all this, if tried to do all of the setup steps in the course it would take you about 12 months to do because you don't know how to open each account in the correct order.

The music business is all strategy. It's not about luck and that's what places you in the winner's circle!

But What About...

I'm not in the US will this work for me?

Currently, this course is US based only. Unfortunately, this will not work for any other country except the US.

I'm not an artist will this work for me?

Surprisingly every 360 record label or music producer will need all of these accounts. If you're a songwriter or music publisher you will need these accounts within this course as well.

Do I still need Songtrust if I use your method?

Nope. What we do is put you in the position of Songtrust removing them from your publishing income streams. This saves you 15% so you can become self published worldwide.

Let's Do This Boss!

I can't wait to see you take control of your career and fly to the top of the music industry!

Start Today!

Purchase Now

Purchase The 60 Day Record Label™ Course for only...


Easy Payment options available with Affirm

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Course Contents Part 1

Golden Steel Plate


LLC Setup

In order to build your record label and publishing company correctly we're going to need an LLC to do it! I'll show you how to set it up step by step!


Record Label Setup

Your record label needs more than just a distributor account. I'll show you how to make money flow through it successfully.


Signature Publishing Account Setup Sequence

Learn how to set up your publishing company with ASCAP & BMI, The MLC, Music Reports, and The Harry Fox Agency in our perfect 60 Day sequence so there's no issues!

Course Contents Part 2

Golden Steel Plate


Song Registration

Registering your songs at BMI and ASCAP can be a bit tricky when you get past the basic stuff we'll take a deep dive and I'll show you three popular ways to register your songs so you can receive your royalties properly.


Master & Publishing Split Sheet

Learn how to fill out a split sheet for publishing and for your masters!


Copyright Registration

Often overlooked and underappreciated is copyright registration. I'll guide you through this process to secure you compositions and sound recordings for life!

Course Contents Part 3

Golden Steel Plate


Metadata Registration

Registering your songs at BMI and ASCAP isn't enough. I'll walk you through the registration process of obtaining your ISRC and UPC, registering with MediaBase, Luminate (formerly SoundScan), All Music, and more!


360 Record Contract


Learn the basics of a simple record label agreement so you can understand how a true record label functions.


Producer Agreement


No record label would be complete without learning how to acquire master rights, right? You will receive a standard producer agreement and learn how to use it effectively.

I've listened to you all!

We know the music business isn't easy! All music creators and industry professionals struggle with starting their music careers. In addition, they struggle to make a living in the music business. Just because you may be fearful about doing business in this industry doesn't mean you should neglect a proper record label structure for success. 


Over the past 4 years, I've listened to your concerns and questions and I realized there was a common problem for every creator that called in...  




For that reason and more, I put together my signature 60 Day Record Label™ Framework to help you get off to an amazing start in the music industry!


The process is simple to put yourself in control of your music career in 60 Days!


Don't waste another day stressing about your career as a future superstar creator or future music business executive. 

Start today!


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