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Did you know 9.9 out of 10 music creators or owners don’t know how to set up their record labels or publishing companies properly? On top of that, they don’t know how to set up the proper accounts to collect all the money that’s actually owed to them!


That's the problem most music creators want their royalties but don't have the accounts to receive them! They set up a BMI or ASCAP account and think that’s it which means they will continue to miss money forever!


On top of that, there is a MAGIC SEQUENCE to setting all of these accounts up in order so you can be fully operable like a MAJOR RECORD LABEL in less than 60 days!  GATEKEEPERS don’t want you to know this but I’m revealing this process to you now!


Since the release of the original The 60 Day Record Label in April 2022, I have enhanced the MAGIC SEQUENCE as requested by many of you, and created “The 60 Day Record Label Executive Edition” a step-by-step guide to building a record label in less than 60 days!


I Dig in deeper to help you set up an even more bulletproof record label for DIY artists all the way to the major indie Label.


In this edition I added:

  1. Detailed LLC Setup
  2. Setting up your company for business funding
  3. Company name research
  4. IRS Compliance
  5. Bank account Setup
  6. Plus much much more detailed information


  • It saves you time so you can eliminate all guesswork involved with setting up your record label which means you can get down to business faster!
  • It will save you money from using middlemen to do your registration so you can keep everything in-house which means money comes to you faster with fewer hands in your pot!
  • You can operate as a do-it-yourself label or a Major label and grow as big as you want which means you can truly own your music 100% like a BOSS!!
  • Build your empire with this book! It's something Donald Passman will never ever show you!
  • You will have your LLC, EIN number, PRO, Music Distributor, Sound Exchange, The MLC, Music Reports, and Harry Fox accounts and registrations all complete in 60 days or less!
  • The possibilities are endless!


My 22 years of experience in the music business, plus listening to 3.5 years of your feedback allowed me to accomplish something I’ve been wanting to do since I started Music Money Makeover!


Upon your purchase, you will receive one digital copy of my eBook “The 60 Day Record label Executive Edition” as well as an audiobook version delivered straight to your inbox after purchase for $54.98


That's right 3.5 years of hard research and testing for just $54.98 that's $1.31 for each month of research!




Let’s be honest 60 days from today will you have all of your paperwork done, and each account set up properly? No!


Collect all your royalties from the jump fast and make ALL of your money from your music quicker by purchasing today! You’ll be glad you used The 60 Day Record Label Executive Edition!


Casey Graham

The 60 Day Record Label Executive Edition - eBook & Audiobook

  • EPUB eBook version 

    PDF eBook version

    Audiobook with separated chapters .m4a format

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