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How to find a Target Audience for Music Artists Fast

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

What's the Deal? Finding your target audience!

Music artists and Labels want to connect with their target audience but the question is how do you even figure out who they are? Where do you start? How can you overcome this frustrating dilemma? Every artist should understand how to solve this and quite frankly it's so easy that it's staring you in the face every day! It took me years to figure out how to find my target audience until I just started putting my talents on display. After I did that people would start to show up like clockwork every time. Developing several acts including myself and this show has allowed me to come to a conclusion about how to find a target audience.

So let’s hop right in.

Your fans are a reflection of you.

Whatever you like, they like in some way, shape, form, or fashion.

Your age +/- 10 years

People naturally can tell how old you are within a 10-year window so they know what they are looking at.

Your regional location to up to a 500-mile radius

When people hear you speak they can tell which area you come from and dialects can change every 300-500 miles.

Your lifestyle interests.

If you are interested in something someone in your audience 9 times out of 10 is into the same exact thing.

Now here’s the hard part where are they?

Alright, inspector gadget here’s a clue, use your lifestyle interests to find out where they show up! Let your interests lead the way. Some of your interests will be stronger than others but the beauty of finding your tribe is all in the journey.

Once you’ve found them, what do you want from them? Are they going to buy something from you? Do they want a freebie? Or maybe they just want to hear your story by way of your music.

How do th