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Leasing Beats? 3 Costly Problems Artists & Producers Face.

What's the Deal

Artists and Producers want to make the most money possible from a leased beat. What’s the most money I can get for the least amount invested right? Both sides have this position.

While the prior statements are the case both don't really know how cash flows on a beat leasing agreement. Both of these individuals face problems with account registration information from PROs as well as how much money will be generated from specific streaming services. This can pose an empty feeling inside because this is not really explained to newcomers on this side of the industry. Everybody should know how to read a beat lease agreement and what you’re doing with it.

You and I can testify!

I hate seeing new producers and artists lose money in the very beginning. I’ve been seeing this issue arise for as long as I’ve been leasing beats about 6 years ago. Plus, this issue has been coming across my desk ever since I started taking consultation calls on the site. You and I both know this is a problem. Let me make you aware of what really going on here.

Let's put it all on the table.

Addressing the PRO information.

In the contract, there is a section for PRO information and in many cases, this is filled in incorrectly. The number one thing that is missing is the IPI number. Nobody can do a proper registration without this number. The second thing is a middle name because if you don't have an IPI number listed I should at least be able to find you by your entire government name.

Youtube content ID

I want to express this to artists. When you are getting your first streams the majority of those streams will be coming from Youtube and Spotify. If you are in Africa or the Caribbean islands those streams will almost 100% be coming from Youtube.

Here’s the good news

Youtube pays mechanical roaylites as well as performance royalties and master royalties.

Here's the not-so-good news.

The mechanical roaylites will go to the producer because he owns the Content ID for the leased beat. This is a bummer for the artist. The Performance roaylites for youtube only will go to the producer yet again because he owns the content ID. Lastly, the master roaylites will go to the producer because the youtube content ID is owned by the producer and the system can’t tell the difference between your version and the producers instrumental.

If you are in Africa or the Caribbean islands this cuts out all of your youtube money from the song and you will have to rely on other digital products to make money from the audience. And to be honest you should be doing this anyway.

The forgotten registrations

If you’re in America and you are an artist or producer you left the rest of the money on the table. All of the mechanical money!

You see, as a producer, if you gave the correct information in your contract and you monitor your PRO accounts on a weekly basis, any new registrations that come in you can immediately register them with the mechanical collection societies.

As an artist, you just need to finish your registrations at these societies to get the rest of the bag.

Are you collecting all of your royalties?

  • Yes

  • No

You've got work to do!

I’ve already compiled this process for you. Grab the new and improved 60-day record label executive edition. To build a robust start-up record label super quick.

If you are not ready to collect all of your money fast and you want to lollygag around with it, I still got you covered. Grab the free version.

  • Either way, you’ll maximize what you collect with the music.

  • Make more profit with your leased beats.

  • Potentially adding 2-3x on the profit for your leased beats.

I want you to take action on this by grabbing those books. It will change your trajectory for sure when it comes to running your own record company or just selling more songs and beats in general. If this isn't enough to get you going you can always speak with me one on one to clarify this plus a little more. Or, if you need me to go in-depth a lot more I can do that as well.

What the end of the tunnel looks like

You’ll start out on a good foundation with all of these points that I just gave you. The fog of waiting on someone to magically register your music will be removed and the vision of the shining lights and money you saw when we started will move closer to you. With all of this happening, I guarantee you you will have success no matter how big or small the income is because you're doing a lot better than someone who hasn't put these accounts into play.

The thing is, it is truly possible for a regular person to make a living by buying or selling leased beats but just realize you can't maximize your profit without these accounts. This is the point where not taking action will put you out of the game. If you don't implement any of these skills then someone will try to do it for you but when people try to do it for you it never comes out right.

Change your mindset

Move from amateur to an intermediate-level boss in the music game almost overnight with the proper understanding of the inner workings of this business.

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