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5 Skills Most Artists Lack and Why They Lead to Failure!

What's the Deal

All music creators want to know how to do one of the following things:

  • Market

  • Sell

  • Promote

  • Engage with fans

  • Manage Money

Without this information, an artist can not thrive. You’re going to need to know at least the basics of all of these skills to get to the next level

You are your own problem

Many may think the industry is to blame for the lack of awareness on these issues, but for me, it actually falls back on your own personal thirst for success. In your business and the need to succeed personally. So, who’s really in the way? Is it you? Or, is it your perception of the glitz and the glam that you had in your vision of you being successful?

Currently, many music creators and music industry professionals need to know how to find this information and implement this information for good use. This is why many figures may appear successful in their prime but after it's over they struggle day to day and it's because of these skills 99% of the time.

This makes a lot of artists apprehensive about starting. This is actually the reason why artists are afraid of the music industry. It's because of these skills right here. I do this show so that you can have a better understanding of them.

No artist should press go without having a basic understanding of these skills. Doing your open mics are cool. Getting your crew together is all fine and dandy but when you step out on faith and say ok this is it, that is the moment you should have already started studying and implementing some of these tactics so you can have a good footing.

Take a listen to my story

I failed because I didn't know how to sell. Not only that, I didn't know how to market what I was selling and who would like what I was creating. I didn't know how to promote it. I was under the impression that I should get a manager and let them do it. I didn't know how to manage my money only thing I knew was from my grandfather saying “never spend your last dollar” that was it. Lastly, I didn't know how to engage with the people I was selling my beats and services to. I was in the mindset of “Hurry up n Buy”.

My management knew how to sell but didn't really know any of the other skills or wasn't willing to inform me because they didn't know either or just want me to stand back and create. It wasn't until I left this manager and started over that I began to learn these skills.

In a short amount of time, I used these skills to start over, build this channel, and a small boutique publishing company.

What you're going to do about it.

I'm going to give you a few book recommendations and some advice.

Three books that will change how you market, promote, and sell:

  • Donald miller - Building a Story Brand

  • Alex Hormozi - $100M Offer

  • Jim Edwards - Copywriting Secrets

Marketing/Promoting basics:

  • Age +/-10 years from your current age is your demographic

  • Where ever people show up with your common lifestyle interest is where you should start selling.

  • Find where these people congregate in your local market.

  • The longest time it will take you to sell a customer is 1 year. If you don't sell to them in the first year you may not get them.

  • Make sure your product is good!

Money management tips

Save 20% of all your sales so you can re-invest later.

Don't worry about taxes. Standard deductions will take care of you in the beginning just make sure you track your expenses with something like quick books self-employed to write the remaining itemized deductions off.

If you make less than $50k a year from your music endeavors then your tax bill will be very minimal. Use the 20% savings to pay that off. Eventually, the savings should move towards 80% for investment and you should strive to live on 20% of your income.

Music business knowledge:

Learn how to read these basic contracts:

  • Producer contract

  • Split sheet

  • Basic Record contract

  • Basic Publishing contract

Customer Engagement

Just respond to every comment you get on social media to create a great brand experience for the customer and then they will allow you to learn customer engagement and service.

I can assure you that I’ve been through all of this so walking you through it is a breeze for me.

You've got work to do!

I want you to take action on this by grabbing those books. It will change your trajectory for sure when it comes to running your own record company or just selling more songs and beats in general. If this isn't enough to get you going you can always speak with me one on one to clarify this plus a little more. Or, if you need me to go in-depth a lot more I can do that as well.

If you don't need that much information take a look at the other items in my store like “The 60-Day Record Label” and much more

What the end of the tunnel looks like

You’ll start out on a good foundation with all of these points that I just gave you. The fog of waiting on someone will be removed and the vision of the shining lights and money you saw when we started will move closer to you. With all of this happening, I guarantee you you will have success no matter how big or small the income is because you're doing a lot better than someone who hasn't put these skills into play.

The thing is, it is truly possible for a regular person to make a living with their music but just realize you can't do it without these skills. This is the point where not taking action will put you out of the game. If you don't implement any of these skills then someone will try to do it for you but when people try to do it for you it never comes out right.

Change your mindset

Remember that lack in your personal thirst for success earlier? How has it changed now? Your mentality should have shifted a few notches up toward success. Because I truly can see a music mogul in the making inside of you.

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