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5 Skills Most Artists Lack and Why They Lead to Failure!

What's the Deal

All music creators want to know how to do one of the following things:

  • Market

  • Sell

  • Promote

  • Engage with fans

  • Manage Money

Without this information, an artist can not thrive. You’re going to need to know at least the basics of all of these skills to get to the next level

You are your own problem

Many may think the industry is to blame for the lack of awareness on these issues, but for me, it actually falls back on your own personal thirst for success. In your business and the need to succeed personally. So, who’s really in the way? Is it you? Or, is it your perception of the glitz and the glam that you had in your vision of you being successful?

Currently, many music creators and music industry professionals need to know how to find this information and implement this information for good use. This is why many figures may appear successful in their prime but after it's over they struggle day to day and it's because of these skills 99% of the time.

This makes a lot of artists apprehensive about starting. This is actually the reason why artists are afraid of the music industry. It's because of these skills right here. I do this show so that you can have a better understanding of them.

No artist should press go without having a basic understanding of these skills. Doing your open mics are cool. Getting your crew together is all fine and dandy but when you step out on faith and say ok this is it, that is the moment you should have already started studying and implementing some of these tactics so you can have a good footing.