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How to Lease, License, and Own Beats

In today's video, I'm answering a lot of common questions on how to lease and exclusively license beats, as well as showing you how to properly purchase the ownership of those beats as well. These methods can be applied to your own beat leasing strategy using your own site or beatstars' site. We will cover copyright as usual and I will answer the top question of "Do I own the beat 100% and all of its copyrights?"



To let; to demise; to grant the temporary possession of the intellectual property, to another for a rent reserved. A leased to B his beat in Miami for the small rent of $25.

The Leasing Process

When you are leasing a beat, you are just paying a small fee in exchange for an allowance to use the beat including its compositional intellectual property, otherwise known as the performing arts copyright, and the recorded performance of the compositions in its master sound recording form (i.e. audio file, mp3, wav, aiff), otherwise known as the Sound recording copyright. It is subject to the term, or time length of the agreement, and considerations or the money paid for the beat. The music producer will withhold or reserve ALL rights to his/her composition and sound recording.


verb transitive

To permit by grant of authority; to remove legal restraint by a grant of permission



Having the power of preventing entrance; as exclusive bars.

1. Debarring from participation; possessed and enjoyed to the exclusion of others; as an exclusive privilege.