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3 Questions Artists must Ask before losing independence

What's the Deal? The truth is you want the money!

I get it you need money for that hot fire album you just made in your bedroom studio. You think you’re going to blow up fast and the local kingpin has a hot $50k to invest in you. The problem is you want to be successful with your music before you really have to consider working that full-time job. Now you feel like you need to rush and take the quickest money offered. This puts you in a situation that you don't want to be in but you don't know it yet.

I can testify!

Why do I even have to tell you I’ve already been here? Closely associating with the wrong people I’ve seen this first hand. This is how I can make a video like this. Let’s get into it, let me save you from yourself and a bad decision so you don't end up selling dope to make this guy's money back.

Can you do it yourself? Can you invest in yourself?

If you can and you believe in your own abilities then invest in yourself first. I don’t care how small the money may be everything starts small. Bet on yourself then you’ll work a lot harder for it. If it works out you own the whole thing.

If you can create the music yourself, you can create the business around the music yourself. All money ain't good money! You’re not going to be Jay-z or Beyonce tomorrow!

Secondly, nobody will care about you when you're just starting out and you’ll end up wasting the investor's money if all of it is invested in a short amount of time in the beginning. This is especially true when you have no leverage. No leverage means everything costs more!

Do you want to grow your career or do you want an investor to bail you out of a current problem?

If you want an investor to bail you out of a current problem, i.e. you have no money, you gotta know you’re probably ripping off an investor. If this is the neighborhood kingpin, this will not end well for you. This makes a bad reputation for you not only in the music game but in the streets as well.