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7 REASONS New Artists FAIL with a January Album release!

What's the Deal? I have no experience.

Hey, Music money makers I hear you want to start the new year off with a bang!? You’re doing this because you want attention for yourself and the message that you want to convey to the people about your perspective on life through music.

You’re a brand-new artist which means you lack attention. Nobody knows you! You have no plan of action to get this attention nor did you consider where the consumer's mindset is currently positioned at this point in time.

Right now you’re pumped and amped to get the first release out and I’m proud of you! But tons of artists have been here before and after 24-48 hrs from your release, you’ll be deflated and lost because the momentum you had for releasing the album fell short so quickly!

All artists should experience just a little be of this pain so they can get their heads focused in the game. But to all my artists who are taking their second swing at the bat and still trying to release in January, you shouldn’t try it unless it comes with a plan of release for later down the road!

I can testify!

I understand that you think people are going to be ready to move and shake like you are, at the beginning of the year, but the truth is they are not. I’ve done this before and I can tell you that I too had to pivot my efforts for later.

Now let’s talk about the problems you're going to face!

1. It’s cold!

People are in survival mode and they will not budge for you unless it's about sustaining their survival until it warms up. This is the time music promoters and some DJs have a higher rate of scamming new artists the most. Because not only are you in survival mode but they are too. You’re looking for exposure and they are looking for the