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2 strategies to sell more beats for more money!


Unlock the secrets to successful beat sales with these 2 proven strategies! Whether you're a budding music producer or an established beat seller, you'll learn how to sell more beats for higher prices and take your business to the next level. Watch now to discover how to stand out in a crowded market and attract high-paying customers. Get ready to skyrocket your income and start selling more beats than ever before!

Video Contents

$5000 4 points and 50% publishing???

Who’s in your way


Tools of choice

Protect the music at all costs

Targeting the Manger

Strategy #2

A hostile takeover of a Recording studio

I sold a beat! What do I do next???

They’re trying to pay me on the spot!!

I finally got some plugs!

Don’t be afraid to try these methods

Don’t stay in the bedroom!

Blogs will be coming back soon in a new format.


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