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7 People Standing Between You and Music Industry Domination

What's the Deal? You've got Squares in your Circle

You want to rise higher in your music career but whether you know it or not you have people holding you back. These people project their doubt onto you which causes self-doubt within yourself.

What ends up happening with that energy is more negative people sense this doubt happening around you and join in adding to it causing others that could truly help you to walk away. Now, because this is happening your mental and emotional baggage is gaining some weight and it will become much harder to advance if you continue to keep these people in your circle. Creators should be able to know who to look out for so that their growth path will be a successful one.

I’ve had these types of people around and for some, I’m still paying the debt for it. I didn’t start to see my success until I cleaned my entire circle. I gotta tell ya it really hurt but my life is better because of it. Now, I’ll give you the game on who and what to look out for.

7 people to remove from your circle

The person who talks too much - This person puts too much information out about you because they're excited about seeing you grow and then want to name-drop because they want to share in your success. This person is more than likely you as well.

The Boyfriend or Girlfriend - This person is the main prohibitor of growth if you haven’t been with them for years! They always want to be around and stick up for you but they don’t know how sensitive relationships are in this business and neither do they know the beast they are facing in this industry. They are the number one destroyer of deals and opportunities.

The hothead - This person always has to start something and can never let anything go. Trouble is bound to happen when they are around. This is not good for you physically or legally

The needy friend - The person who always needs money for some get-rich-quick scheme or they just always need something from you.