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7 People Standing Between You and Music Industry Domination

What's the Deal? You've got Squares in your Circle

You want to rise higher in your music career but whether you know it or not you have people holding you back. These people project their doubt onto you which causes self-doubt within yourself.

What ends up happening with that energy is more negative people sense this doubt happening around you and join in adding to it causing others that could truly help you to walk away. Now, because this is happening your mental and emotional baggage is gaining some weight and it will become much harder to advance if you continue to keep these people in your circle. Creators should be able to know who to look out for so that their growth path will be a successful one.

I’ve had these types of people around and for some, I’m still paying the debt for it. I didn’t start to see my success until I cleaned my entire circle. I gotta tell ya it really hurt but my life is better because of it. Now, I’ll give you the game on who and what to look out for.

7 people to remove from your circle

The person who talks too much - This person puts too much information out about you because they're excited about seeing you grow and then want to name-drop because they want to share in your success. This person is more than likely you as well.

The Boyfriend or Girlfriend - This person is the main prohibitor of growth if you haven’t been with them for years! They always want to be around and stick up for you but they don’t know how sensitive relationships are in this business and neither do they know the beast they are facing in this industry. They are the number one destroyer of deals and opportunities.

The hothead - This person always has to start something and can never let anything go. Trouble is bound to happen when they are around. This is not good for you physically or legally

The needy friend - The person who always needs money for some get-rich-quick scheme or they just always need something from you.

The uncommitted friend - The person who can never commit to anything when you need them to, especially in the clutch.

The deceiver - They never follow through or stuff keeps falling through. You can spot these people easily when you see that things keep falling through and their promises always result in broken promises.

Your fear and negative attitudes - Even though these people may be surrounding you, your fear about rising higher because you don't understand yet or the pressure is too strong will absolutely kill your growth. In addition, any negative attitudes you have about your circle and your career, and other people that are helping you will kill your growth as well. This is why, in addition to what I just said, is why you’ll need these next 7 people in your circle.

7 people to add to your circle

The person who can keep a secret - so you can vent to them about everything that is going on. This may be a really good friend or a therapist.

The boyfriend or girlfriend - who’s willing to hold it down and not get in the way of business.

The cool hot head - This will more than likely be your security guard.

The friend who has money - They will be bringing you good investment opportunities

The committed friend - This is your friend till the end that's got your back

The no man - The person who will always keep it funky with you!

Ambitious Attitude - Turn your fear to ambition with an achievable meaningful goal!

It's not that easy to remove these people!

Is it hard to find these people? yes

This list makes me lose the majority of my friends! It is what it is but were they really friends anyway? Were they really any good for you anyway?

I’ll be all alone! if getting rid of these people clears out your whole circle then you need to go within to change your perspective on life and who you are because in order to get to that next level without breaking. It’s going to take this step.

Get Busy

Work on clearing out your circle.

Work on your mental game.

Work on implementing some new friends

Even though I’m not a therapist you can always book a call to speak with me 1 on 1 at

At the end of the day

You’ll feel better!

You’ll glow brighter!

You will be able to think clearly!

Good business starts to get done!

The speed at which you’re growing will cause you to reach your goals faster.

However, If you keep these people around your career will never get off the ground, or you will struggle taking longer than necessary to get going.

All in all...

If you couldn't see who you needed around you before, you should feel more confident about who you need around you to succeed.

If you make music, you should make money!

I'll see you next time.


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