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Youtube Introduces a NEW way to Share Revenue with Music Artists!

What's the Deal? Youtube creators won't use your music!

Many of you want creator or influencer marketing to be easier and specifically on youtube.

Youtube has always limited the creator from posting music in their videos because of loss in revenue and copyright strikes! This has resulted in a loss of exposure for independent artists via youtube creators.

When that happens it makes it harder for you to grow! Especially when it comes to having your music consumed beyond 30 seconds! Because of this both of you and I are Bummed

The thing is It should have been this way from the beginning, that way the creator community and music community could have come together a long time ago.

I can testify!

I totally feel you when I say It’s hard getting creators to use your music in their videos because of the loss in revenue for the creator. It’s hard to get influencers to do posts period without them charging a boatload to promote your music in a post. I used to do this with my beats back in the day and a lot of creators would say no because of the fear of the beat being a type beat or leased beat and they would get a strike on their account.

Let's break things down, shall we?

  1. Start planning for the content creators you want to target and collaborate with, with your music in their videos.

  2. Match your lifestyle interests with creators’ lifestyle interests to find creators to work with.

  3. Choose the songs you want to campaign with

  4. Type up a quick two or three-sentence pitch letter.

How will creators pay you?

  1. Buying a license: Creators pay an upfront fee to use music and earn the same revenue share that applies to their content without music.

  2. Revenue share: Creators can share video revenue with the track’s artist and associated music rightsholders.

  3. Will creators get a copyright strike if they don't pay? Not exactly they will get a content ID Claim but it’s rare that by using music the copyright owner will issue a takedown.

  4. Will it be available worldwide? No at the moment they are only testing in the United States

You've got work to do!

Make the list of interests and maybe do a pitch for all songs. Even if you don't start campaigning right away you can get a feel for where your music will fit in, in the marketplace.

What the end of the tunnel looks like

Introducing yourself to the world of creator/influencer marketing will build relationships with influencers that will put you way ahead of the pack when it comes to promotion. These are relationships money can't buy. You’ll stump your marketing department, or you may even put the record labels off so much that you really won't need them when they come knocking.

One more thing! This classifies as Micro sync and this will be big business in 2023!

What is the opposition?

You can’t fail at this thing its all trial and error. Eventually, you'll get a placement with a creator!

The only way you fail is when you don't try or ask.

You got this!

If you were thinking I can't afford influencer marketing think again because now you can develop your marketing department with sticks, stones, and pocket lint. There are no Excuses!


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