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Why do recording artists need advances?

So you're a recording artist who needs an advance on your royalties. You're at the crossroads where you need this particular investment to keep the operation going and you don't need a lot but the only offers thrown in your face are high-advancing deals! Low ball one-off deals are not flashed in your face and you don't want to give away your rights! Well in today's video I will break down some ways you can obtain an advance depending on your position and what you're going to have to do to make it work right here on the Music Money Makeover show!

Make Music? Make Money!

Casey Graham

Video Contents

00:00 - Let's Talk

02:04 - Decide the level of growth and speed at which you want to grow / Investment Option 1

03:08 - Investment option 2

04:09 - Investment option 3

04:46 - You don’t want to stall out!

05:22 - Prepare our portfolio to shop to investors

05:51 - Masters & Publishing Value

06:25 - Leveraging your byproducts

06:58 - eCommerce

07:38 - Email Lists

08:31 - Who is this for?

08:58 - Approach indie labels or distribution companies

09:21 - Get an attorney to check your attorney

09:35 - Find creative ways to raise capital