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Playlist Supply: The ultimate tool for contacting playlist curators

Getting on playlists seems to be the hardest thing plaguing new artists and seasoned artists in the music industry simply because they don't have the contacts. On top of the contacts, there are a lot of other factors artists and their teams must consider before submitting to a new playlist!

In order to solve our dilemma, we need a bit of information so we don't waste time and maximize our promotion efforts. This is where Playlist Supply shines.


We’re going to need a means of contact and Playlist Supply scrubs Spotify for Social media handles as well as email contacts. Personally, I feel that if playlist curators don't have any contact information then they don't want to be contacted. At least for right now! If it's contacts you need you are covered with these guys!

In addition to just having these contacts on file you can also put these into your Mail Chimp or Gmass email systems to further streamline the contacting process making it as painless as possible.


Once we’ve got the contacts Playlist Supply allows you to check out the number of Followers, Tracks, Popularity, and Last Modified metrics on these playlists. If you don't know why this is golden information let me tell you first hand this will save you not hours but days of research!!!

Let's Get Genre Specific!

Now let’s talk about Keyword search. Many of you will start here by default looking for genre-specific playlists. You can type in anything and Playlist Supply will find it! Get creative with all of your searches in order to find the most results AND niche results that may not be discovered by as many others! You can literally type in your Country, City, Language, Emotion, Location, Workout, Trends, Associated Acts, Similar Artists, whatever and the software will dig it up for you.


Now you may be thinking what do you do with all of this information. Well for starters Playlist Supply allows you to save your searches into a database that can be updated every 24hrs to see how those playlists are performing and if you should continue using them or not. It also detects email and social contact changes as well this is huge! Upon your initial seach you can immediately download selected playlists into a CSV, PDF, and Excel files for further implementation in your promotion systems.

You can’t lose with Playlist Supply. On top of this, they have customer support and they are always adding new features! Plus, they say that they have a BIG new feature coming!

What's the final verdict

All in all, we end up getting to the playlist curators we need, we increase our monthly listeners and fans, and you will turn your partner who was helping you into your promotion and sales department

Playlist Supply solves the issue that all artists have been wanting to know which is how do I get in contact with these playlist owners! If you’re not on any playlists this is your ticket. If you feel left out of the game then you need Playlist Supply!

If you don't use this you will have to rely on days and hours of research and that sets you back. You’ll end up losing countless fans and monthly listeners Plus you’ll fall back on old promotion tactics to try and match what you could be getting with a simple tool such as Playlist Supply.

When you implement Playlist Supply:

  • Your streams will grow exponentially due to quality playlisting

  • You will gain contacts that you can continue to use for future playlisting

  • You will grow your team and be able to gain an in-house promotions team.

So if you want to really grow your music catalog whether you’re an artist, music producer, record label or music publisher, Playlist Supply is a no-brainer!

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