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Playlist Supply: The ultimate tool for contacting playlist curators

Getting on playlists seems to be the hardest thing plaguing new artists and seasoned artists in the music industry simply because they don't have the contacts. On top of the contacts, there are a lot of other factors artists and their teams must consider before submitting to a new playlist!

In order to solve our dilemma, we need a bit of information so we don't waste time and maximize our promotion efforts. This is where Playlist Supply shines.


We’re going to need a means of contact and Playlist Supply scrubs Spotify for Social media handles as well as email contacts. Personally, I feel that if playlist curators don't have any contact information then they don't want to be contacted. At least for right now! If it's contacts you need you are covered with these guys!

In addition to just having these contacts on file you can also put these into your Mail Chimp or Gmass email systems to further streamline the contacting process making it as painless as possible.