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How to fix a failing record label?

Many people want to start record labels based on assumptions of how the business is run and the glorified facade of how quickly you can get rich. When this is the case thousands of new record labels begin to fail one by one barely lasting six months. If your record label is failing that means you need to fix your funding, structure, and mode of operations and that is what we're going to address in this video. So, if you want to know how to fix a failing record label WATCH!

Make Music? Make Money!

Casey Graham

Video Contents

- Start-Up Funds!

- Starting Budget

- Legal Budget

- Promotional budgeting

- Mode of operation & Business Structure

- Artist Hustle Scenario

- Operating Agreement

- Recording Agreement

- Your Label Staff

- Marketing vs Promotion

- Connections for Leverage

- The Ultimate Trifecta for success

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