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Do Music Artists Deserve Their Masters?

There is a stigma among recording artists and their record labels regarding masters. Does the artist own them? Should they own them? When will they own them?

We will need to look at a standard record deal vs a licensing deal and analyze them. Then we will need to take a look and the budget vs the artist's advance. Lastly, we will need to take a look at the percentage of ownership vs minimum delivery requirement.

You will have a clear understanding of… if an artist did the proper deal to own their masters, or is it even worth owning their masters versus an increase in percentage? Now, You may be saying yes, artists need their masters, which begs the question are you sure you know what you’re signing? Because you need to know what you’re signing in order to determine if you need those masters or will truly own those masters or not.

I don’t want you to have your head stuck in the clouds about this I want you to have a clear understanding of what’s really happening here. So, watch “Do music artists deserve their masters?” right here on the music money makeover show!

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Casey Graham

Video Contents

- Standard recording deal

- Licensing deal

- What’s the difference?

- What happens if I get dropped?

- Artist’s Budget

- Artist’s Advance

- Percentage of Ownership VS Minimum delivery requirement

- Do Artists Deserve their Masters?