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6 Artists Record Labels AVOID to make MONEY!

What's the Deal? Signing your first artist?

What’s up boss I heard you’re ready to sign that first artist. You may be ready to sign your first artist but you don’t know what you’re looking for. You lack experience however I’m going to give you a bit of a game from my past to help you make a better decision.

Many artists also do not want to be signed early, because of so many independent tools at their disposal, but you still need your trial run. This can feel like getting credit. How can I get credit if no one will give me credit? It’s frustrating! The thing is, everybody has to pass this stage but you shouldn’t let that roadblock get in your way. Everybody in this game has to gain credentials that’s just life!

I can testify!

Earning your credentials is one thing but knowing what to look for is another. I’ve masted this! I’ve been here before but I only signed contracts that I knew I could fulfill with my artist and if I couldn’t execute the way I need to for the speed of growth I always let them go.

2 Rules before we start?

  1. Never sign an artist for too much or restrict them from things because you are insecure about that artist leaving you.

  2. Never over-obligating yourself as a label owner you’ll end up looking like a fool to the artist.

Let’s get into it!


An artist that doesn't believe in themselves more than you believe in them.

This is my #1 Rule! You’ve got 90 days to figure this out. If you have to push them up to the plate to swing every time in your trial period don't sign them.

An artist with no work ethic. The artist should always rise to the occasion when it comes to working. They may have some off days but they should always be ready to allow a fan have a great day due to their art. Artists have a responsibility to the public to express what they are feeling through their art and it takes work to do this.

A hothead artist.

Unless you’re the type of manager or label head that can keep them in check don’t sing this type if you want to really get money.

An artist with a parent manager who thinks they can do your job better than you.

It will almost always end in failure. Your artist will be doing shows at every local pep rally each fall and bbq function each summer!

A hood artist that isn't willing to polish up the appeal for crossover success.

You can still keep certain parts of the hood element but this artist must have an understanding that in order to continue to increase cash flow the public cannot be afraid to play you at all costs. This is a limitation, though you can make millions it will place a cap on your growth. Everyone loves a refined gangsta. A refined gangsta is a champion!

An artist who wants too much for the starting position that they are standing in.

Any artist that asking for an outrageous advance, outrageous obligations from you, or has high expectations with no proof of concept is a no go! I don't really need to say more on this. If they are like this in the beginning they will probably end up being a needy artist down the line every step of the way.

What if I find a dope artist?

Will the artist sign with you if you have no money, no resources, and no experience?

Probably not but they will give you your first shot as long as you can help them with some of the current tasks on their plate. Offer them services before you offer the deal.

While you're offering services up front on the back end you should be building your structure so you can sign the artist when the time is right.

You've got work to do!

  1. Think about what services you can offer your first candidate

  2. Carefully analyze these artist and sign a deal based on services

  3. Grab The 60-Day Record Label Executive Editon and build out your label so you can set up the framework for both of you to operate.

  4. Then While you're in the process of this I want you to think about what operations you will take off their plate first whether that's Playlisting, Influencer marketing, or content creation.

What the end of the tunnel looks like

  • If you build the structure right you will remain separate from your artist.

  • Secondly, once you become aware of the artist's behavior you can rid yourself of the headache before it comes.

  • Once you’re aware of the artist you will be able to see what obligations you can put on yourself so you don’t get stressed out.

  • This allows you to build capital and credibility so you can become the big-label boss you wanted to be.

  • This will also give you the speed you want so you can continue to grow at a much faster pace!

What is the opposition?

Without the label structure for both you and the artist, you will personally become entangled if you don't build your LLCs respectively of each other. I go into detail about how to build this on pages 13-43 of the 60-Day Record Label Executive Edition.

If you fall into the trap of one of these artists your run will end quicker than it started. Lastly, if you over-obligate yourself to a task that you don't have experience with, you may crash and burn with the artist if you don’t meet or exceed their expectations.

You got this!

If you clicked on this video you don't have to tell me you were probably already having problems with your artist, or you weren't sure how you were going to take the first steps with an artist while having no experience. Now you are clearly in a position to win in this game by avoiding the pitfall of the wrong artist and having a true label structure.


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