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TLC, Left Eye, Crazy Sexy Cool, and their Record Contract Explained, Exposed, and Decoded

TLC, Left Eye, the Laface Records Contract, and the Pebbitone production contract, everyone remembers this moment in music history. TLC going broke during the time period of 1994-1996 while Crazy Sexy Cool had an unprecedented run amassing 10 million records sold amidst the announcement of TLC's financial issues at the 1996 Grammy Awards. Left Eye originally exposed and decoded their record contract but I take it a bit further to give you a deeper look into my perception of the mechanics involved with the contract. I'm breaking this down as a means of awareness for everybody in the music industry because if it hadn't been for Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez a lot of people wouldn't be moving forward with their careers differently.

This period in TLC's journey means a lot more to the people in this industry than you think. Crazy Sexy Cool was a monumental album for Atlanta as well as the R&B/Soul music industry and though the original record contract spanned the first two albums Crazy Sexy Cool shed light on issues that would change the industry forever.

Join me in watching my longest video yet while I dig deeper into this contract to shed more light on the importance of artists learning this music industry so that they can have a better future for themselves right here on the Music Money Makeover Show!

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