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TikTok fires shots at Spotify and Apple Music | Major Changes Coming!

TikTok has fired major shots at the music streaming arena! Spotify and apple music have been hit as well as countless others. This will not go well for some but it will go REALLY well for music content creators! There is a major shift coming in music streaming and if you haven't gotten your content game up now is the time to get into gear, especially with TikTok. Find out how these shots TikTok fired will affect the music industry in the very near future right here on the Music Money Makeover Show!

Make Music? Make Money!

Casey Graham

Video Contents

- How TikTok currently uses music

- Shots fired at Spotify

- What’s SoundOn?

- Resso was the warning!

- TikTok Music Trademark

- Sharing music through content!

- Spotify’s old way of sharing music.

- Youtube to the rescue?!

- Preparing for the shift

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