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Throw in the towel: Should 30 plus year old artists pursue new music careers?

Artists who reach a now-or-never period in their musical journey, usually at 29-30 years old, love to rush and get their careers off the ground fast! The last of the millennials are finally starting their careers at the end of their 20s. The problem is the industry says they are too old. This makes you feel like, “I struggled all this time in my twenties doing everything the old heads said to do for success and now the new heads of music are telling me I’m too old?”

You need to know that there is a lane for you when you’re older than 27, and I’m going to break it down for you. I understand because I’m just now hitting my stride! So, let's jump into some things you need to know about this age range of 27-37 years old.

We Don't Spend Money Frivolously

In this age group, you have to be prepared for your money to flow a little slower than if you’re a hit artist in your 20s. People in their 30s have major life decisions they have to make, especially when it comes to money. They don’t want to try anything and everything new all the time. So, it takes more effort to pull those dollars out of their pockets. Quality is key.

We Lost Our Early Adoption Status in Our 20s

Everybody loves being on top of the latest trends; however, we’re not adopting things too fast anymore. If we decide to add you to our playlist, it may be a minute before we show up in person.

We Want the Most Bang for Our Buck

Because we don't spend money frivolously, you will want to entice us with value and quality. Whereas someone in their 20s may slide on this a bit, 30-year-olds and up won't accept lackluster products or experiences. Value stacking your products and offers will make more of a splash with this base than anyone else.

We Like Consistency

It takes a lot of consistency for us to hop on your bandwagon, but when we’re on at this point in our lives, we’re on. We also won't stop talking about you because we want to feel like we’re still hip and have something new and fresh to mention around friends.

We’re Loyal Once We Find a Good Thing

Once we become loyal followers, we’re buying what you have. People in their 30s and up want to spend their money on entertainment; they just need to know that you’re going to stick around for a little while.

How Long Do I Really Have If I'm Starting Now?

You have as long as it's going to take. Just don’t come in acting like you’re 25 trying to appeal to a 35-year-old crowd because not only can your age group see the fraudulent attempt, the 25-year-olds can see it too. This will cause your efforts to fail.

What’s the Shortcut to Getting to Their Pockets?

There isn’t one. They are very cautious. If you’re still trying to take the easy way out at this point in your 30s, it's a wrap!

Here’s What I Suggest

Keep going with your career despite what anyone says, but take a real good look at your plan to grow and execute your career because it’s going to take time to grow. Be realistic with your timeline and make an effort to deliver quality content and products.

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Approaching the Age Group Authentically

  • Increased following at a quicker pace

  • More money at a quicker pace depending on how you run your operation

  • A loyal fanbase that actually has deeper pockets

  • More unique opportunities due to people in their 30s having deep connections

Approaching the Age Group Inauthentically

  • Leads to a lackluster fanbase

  • No consistent support

  • Lots of energy wasted spinning your tires


Ultimately, this fanbase requires massive amounts of quality and authenticity. If you can give that to them, then all will be well.

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