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Sound Exchange skimmed 5% percent of your money! Get it back!

Many creators want to know how they can get that %5 royalty that SoundExchange pays to the Sag-Aftra Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund. All I know right now is if you’re independent you’re going to need a distro kid account.

Hopefully, your information will get into their system 18-24 months after release, only if your song is in the top 60,000 released songs for that year in the US

My only problem is how do you do this from other distributors or if they will even get this information in the first place, Which makes me very upset! Which poses the problem why does this fund exist in the first place? Oh, that’s right to pay union musicians who don’t know how to ask for this registration in the first place!

If we don’t do something about this, this 5% will keep getting siphoned. If we do get it right, hopefully, the background musicians will get their money or you can recover the extra 5 % that went missing!

Watch and Learn,

Casey Graham

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