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How to value your music correctly - 10x your music business

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

How to value your music correctly and 10x your music business. On this episode, we talk about the value of music in the marketplace outside and inside of your fan base and what to do about it. Also, how to build your fanbase to get the true value of your music.

Composition — lyrics and melody

Sound Recording — Audio Recording

Artwork — Album cover

From these brand assets, I will break down and investigate the potential in the assets value to scope out the many ways we can sell our product.

Thanks to all of the research and development over the years many price points have been discovered to determine the average value of your assets. If you are the artist who owns a recording business–because that’s what you’re truly running–you should understand what the value of your assets are now, vs the potential value. You will be more equipped to make better decisions about how and where you sell your material.

What you are looking at below is what a song (or composition) written down acoustically produces in value by itself without the help of a sound recording.

The Copyright itself — FORM PA — Performing Art (The value of the copyright is based on the popularity of the writer or artist who wrote it. Because you are new and as an artist/writer you have no clout. So, let’s say the value of the song registered with the copyright office is $55.00/x X being the number of songs you registered in your registration 1=$55 and without registration is $1.00)


Compositions Produce (lyric and melody)

  • Lyrics

  • Sheet music

  • Performance income

  • Live Performance

Lyrics Produce

  • Merchandise reprints (only if popular)