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How To Start A Publishing Company with Your $600 Stimulus Check

Learning how to start a publishing company with your $600 Stimulus Check is a breeze! If you thought starting a record label was easy a publishing company is just as easy there is more setup work but starting a publishing company allows you to get out of the gate faster. Watch and learn how you can start a publishing company with your $600 stimulus check now on the Music Money Makeover Show!

Start an LLC

On average an LLC costs $130 to start in the united states.

Grab a suite address

On average a suite address costs $10-13 a month to start in the united states. You'll need one of these to keep your business address private. Eventually, you will want to pay for a registered agent to keep your name off the books but this is a great place to start.

Get an ASCAP Account

Normally as a publisher, I'd say BMI but since we only have $600 bucks grab the ASCAP account to get started, it's $50 bucks, and get the BMI account later. Yes, publishing companies can have two accounts

Register your publishing company

  • Harry Fox/MLC - Collect your mechanicals here. The MLC portal is still being worked on so until it's finished go through and for Micro sync and TV and Film synchronization.

  • Music Reports - Collect More Mechanicals here.

  • Lyric Find - Collect all your money from synced lyrics here.

Don't forget the contract!

A collection agreement will cost you around $400 bucks from a young new attorney which is the rest of your money but you're gonna need a good one. The good thing is you don't need money to advance people in a collection deal.


Start phone and email hustling those songs!

Sign your first Writer

Exploit your six rights to copy

  • Reproduce

  • Public Performance

  • Derivatives

  • Public DIsplay

  • Distribute

  • Digital Performace

Flip those copyrights

The key thing is to flip those copyrights to make money based on those 6 rights to copy, but Be careful make sure your client knows that you are doing this because as a collection agent that isn't your actual job.


Start phone and email hustling those songs!

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