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3 reasons why new artists cant get shows or exposure!

What's the Deal? Nobody knows you!

As an artist, you need to sell tickets, throw shows, and get to the money. The problem is nobody knows you. You don’t have any relationships. You may be feeling sour because new artists keep coming out and surpassing you daily! You should know some key people and always have a relationship with them so you can get the shows and exposure you need.

I feel your pain from a producer standpoint, manager, and publisher. I know who needs to know you and who you need to know and I’m going to give you some examples.

The people who don't know you!

  1. The early adopter doesn’t know you!

  2. The DJs who spin your style of music don’t know you!

  3. The Promoters that promote your style of music don’t know you!

Where are these people in the physical? At the club!

Yeah but what about this…

How do I get to them? Go Talk to them

They show favoritism! Of course, they do but its because they don know you

I’m not the networking type! Well, you’re not the type that will be successful in this game.

Let’s get to work!

Get up Make a simple flyer with a QR Code to your music and hit the town. Make sure you map out the target areas you’re going to hit and be smart about who you pass out flyers too.

Book a call if you need a detailed plan.

At the end of the day

Your fanbase will grow

You’ll have more connects

You’ll start winning in the music game

You’ll move up way faster.

However, If you don’t move you’ll lose.

All in all

Now you can see who you need to target to get your game on track and not your wig-pushed-back word to Biggie!

If you make music, you should make money!

I'll see you next time.


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