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The 60-Day Record Label™ PRO Course

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The 60 Day Record Label™ Course is a step-by-step video instructional course to build a record label in the United States in 60 days flat. After completion of the setup process, I show you how to secure your assets through copyright registration and how to acquire master recording as a DIY or professional record label through producer contracts and artist recording agreements. If you're a new artist wanting to own your very own record label and publishing company or a new bussing music executive looking to build an empire you've stumbled upon the right course. Start today!!! Affordable payment options are available through Affirm and Paypal at the time of purchase!! Introduction Preliminary Work Day 1: LLC Registration Day 15: Collection Accounts Day 30: Mechanical Royalties Day 41: More Mechanical Royalties Day 60: You made it! Song Registration Song Management (Split Sheets) Producer Agreement Walkthrough Standard 360 Contract Walkthrough

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