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Building Record labels for

Artists & Music Executives in 60 Days or less!

Build Your Label

in 60 Days

So you can start!

Remove the Middlemen

in 60 Days

So you can grow!

Increase Cashflow

in 60 Days

So you can succeed!

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Making music to lose money is no fun!

Creators deserve to keep their rights.

Your independence is important!

If you make music, you should always make money!

All creators are excited about releasing their music to the world but there's one thing that's missing, the business structure that's needed to grow and succeed!

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Learn how to build a functioning record label!

You need more than a Tuncore account to have a legitimate functioning record label. We'll help you build it step by step.

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Collect royalties directly from the source!

Many creators and new execs sign up for collection services before they actually need them which slows down their income that they need to reinvest. We'll show you how to beat the middle man and collect up to 64 royalty checks a year!

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Increase Cashflow to grow!

In order to grow you're going to need cash. We'll show you how to increase your cash flow by opening up all forms of income from your music so you can continue to build your dream career!

Recording Artists

We understand that music is the fabric of the world!

When artists and their teams struggle to express themselves because of money the world suffers.

Let's Work!

10 Major Steps to Increase Your Record Label's Profits

10 Major steps to increase profit mockup.png

If you want to know how the 60 Day Record Label™ system will work for you, what the basics are to Build, Grow, and Profit from a self ran record label that operates like a mini-major label, download this free guide to get started!

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60 Day Record Label™

The 60 Day Record Label PRO Course

Did you know 9.9 out of 10 music creators or owners don’t know how to set up their record labels or publishing companies properly? 


That's the problem most music creators want their royalties but don't have the accounts to receive them!


On top of that, there is a MAGIC SEQUENCE to setting all of these accounts up in order so you can be fully operable like a MAJOR RECORD LABEL in less than 60 days!

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Master Courses


60 Day Record Label™ Essentials

Sometimes all you need is the basics however there is no reason you shouldn't have the essentials to be successful in this industry!


60 Day Record Label™ PRO

Ready to BOSS UP your career? Learn how to establish your record in 60 Days! Plus we've inculded much more to get you in the game fast!


360° Contract Course

Many participants in the music industry don't know how the game is rigged via the 360° contract! 

I'll walk you through it step by step!

Wait What If...

Can I really build a record label in 60 Days?

Yes. In 60 Days you will have a structure built to last you your entire career!

Why not Songtrust?

Songtrust hinders growth and can get in the way when bigger publishing opportunities arise. They also take up to 18 months to pay your first publishing check.

Do I already have a publishing company if I have BMI or ASCAP?

No, what you have is an account to pay your writers performance royalites and publisher performance royalties.

This too!

Bro I've got DistroKid my record label is complete!

Not exactly. You're just collecting your master royalties however you're leaving your publishing royalties on the table.

All of this is in "All you need to know about the music business" right?

No. All you need to know about the music business discusses contractual business not building the business.

What If I'm a music executive or label owner?

This system works for you as well so you can get started with ease.

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Whats Up!

My name is Casey Graham

I’m a Multi-Platinum Grammy-winning Engineer/Producer with 20 years of industry experience. I’ve developed a system for career-ready artists, producers, record labels, and managers to build a structured record label for themselves to receive income in 60 Days or less. 


Grow with a customized music business marketing plan built on that structured framework, and profit multiple times over in the music industry due to my unique system.

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Book a Consultation

Book a video consultation with me so we can develop a custom strategy for you to win big in this vast music industry today!

Make Music? Make Money!

Get in Touch

Mailing Address:

Music Money Makeover LLC

3863 Highway 138 SE #39 

Stockbridge, GA 30281

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