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Your Merch Sucks!: The 4 Hidden Reasons Your Artist Merch Isn't Selling

Music artists, enthusiastic and passionate about their craft, often become frustrated with fans not buying their artist merch.

  • Poor marketing all around is usually the blame for this.

  • Despite having a fan base, the artist's merchandise isn't selling.

  • This causes the artist to question their appeal and connection with their fans.

  • The artist believes that merchandise sales are an integral part of their success and feels that this lack of sales is unjust.

I understand that you need a stream of revenue that is more lucrative than music. I can tell you online sales and your personal ecosystem is where it's at!

It Sucks (Merch Quality)

One of the critical factors holding back your merch sales might be the quality and design of your merchandise itself. If your merchandise isn't appealing or doesn't resonate with your fanbase, it's unlikely to drive sales. Consider revamping your merchandise line - pay attention to current trends, listen to your fans, and aim to create designs that capture your artistic persona. Involving your fans in the design process, such as through social media polls or design contests, not only ensures your merchandise will resonate with them but also deepens their connection to you and your brand. You'll be addressing the external problem of merchandise quality and the internal issue of your connection with fans. From a philosophical perspective, you're acknowledging that merchandise should not just be a cash grab but a true representation of you as an artist and a way for fans to express their loyalty.

It’s Too Early to Sell It

Timing can be crucial when it comes to merch sales. If you're pushing your merchandise before you've built a strong, dedicated fanbase, you might find it challenging to generate sales. Instead, focus first on your music and on creating genuine connections with your fans. When your fans feel strongly connected to you, they'll be more likely to want to support you by buying your merchandise. So, while it might seem counterintuitive, slowing down the merch sales could actually be the key to selling more in the long run. This approach solves the problem of timing and addresses the issue of fan connection. Ultimately you have to realize it's about recognizing that strong relationships often come before successful commercial transactions.

You Don't Wear It

As an artist, you're a role model for your fans. If you're not regularly seen wearing your own merchandise, why should your fans buy it? Show your fans how much you love your merchandise by wearing it proudly in your social media posts or your team during performances. This will not only make the merchandise more appealing but also demonstrate that you genuinely believe in the products you're selling. This approach tackles the problem of personal representation and the issue of genuine product endorsement. It's a matter of practicing what you preach - if you believe in your merchandise, your fans will too.

It's Not Easy to Buy or Checkout Online

In today's digital world, a seamless online shopping experience is crucial. If your fans find it difficult to buy or checkout your merchandise online, they'll likely abandon their shopping carts. Consider investing in optimizing your online store, making it user-friendly and ensuring a smooth checkout process. This solves the problem of online shopping experience, addresses the internal issue of ease of purchase, and recognizes the importance of convenience in fostering positive customer experiences in today's fast-paced world.

Common Concerns

What if My Fans Don't Like the New Designs?

Engage your fans in the redesign process, this way, you're likely to produce designs they love.

Can I Balance Creating Music and Selling Merch?

Absolutely, consider hiring a merchandising team to handle merch while you focus on music.

What if Optimizing My Online Shop Doesn't Increase Sales?

It's about trial and error. Keep user experience at the forefront, gather feedback, and iterate. Remember, it's just one piece of the puzzle.

Reassess Your Merchandise Plan

Start today by assessing your merch's quality, engaging your fanbase, proudly wearing your merch, and optimizing your online shopping platform. Only by taking these steps can you convert your fans into loyal customers.

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Success Results

  • Enhanced relationship with fans

  • Increase in merch sales

  • Better representation of your brand

  • Improvement in your online e-commerce store

  • Increased fan loyalty

  • A sustainable additional income source

Failure Results

  • Continued low merch sales

  • A growing disconnect between the artist and fans

  • Missed opportunity for additional income


From being frustrated with low merch sales, you can transform your merchandise into a fan-loved representation of your artistic brand, solidifying your connection with fans and boosting your income.


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