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Why 95% of artists fail to make their first $1,000

New artists often fail to make their first $1,000 because they don’t have a product to sell, which means they can’t upsell. Additionally, the purchase process is often difficult for the customer. The problem lies in coming up with a viable product to sell, getting you out of the discouraging stereotypical struggling artist phase.

Create at Least a $10 Product to Sell

When you start out, $10 is important because it’s enough for the new supporter to feel like they aren't being cheated, and it's just expensive enough for you to handle customer processing and demand. Anything more than this without a team, and you’re asking for trouble.

  1. Exclusive Digital Downloads

  2. Poster and Sticker Packs

  3. Gift Packs

Funnel the Fans

In the beginning, you will have people that you touch who want to support you. So, whatever your offer is, it has to be done via social media or streaming service as an upsell to their experience. Your first funnel should be as easy as “hit the link in my bio to purchase,” which leads to our next step.

Make the Purchase Process Easy

In the beginning, you’ll want to have a means of selling quickly. You may not understand this now, but you love “one-click selling,” believe it or not, and your customer loves it too. Without one-click selling, it would be very difficult to move cash to your pockets fast. Shopify and are examples of one-click selling websites.

I Feel Like the Fans Need Music First, Not a Product

You’re right; they do. But you will have people who will want to be your early adopters, and something that makes them wear that badge early will be greatly appreciated by them and your pockets.

Why So Cheap?

In the beginning, customer management and order fulfillment will be a big learning curve, so you’ll want to start small. The last thing you need is to deal with customer service while you’re trying to create.

Selling Is Not My Thing. Couldn’t I Just Wait Until My Fanbase Grows?

There is no rush on monetizing your fanbase early, but you will know when the season comes that requires money. You’ll need money to flow into the business to support itself so you can appeal to new managers and even leverage things like credit to help you grow. This income will be necessary.

Here’s What I Suggest

Start with one product that packs value, something that people can hold on to and not store away. It will take some creative thinking, but when you get it right, you will start making money very quickly from your initial supporters, which means you’re going to need a foundation to handle all of this stuff.

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If You Add These Steps to Your Plan

  1. You’ll get an early education on selling to your fans.

  2. This allows you to perfect how you approach them about the product.

  3. So when you get bigger, fans won't feel like you’re begging them for money.

If You Start Later

  1. You’ll have less time to perfect the process.

  2. This means less room for error.

  3. And you’ll be strapped for cash much more than early on in the process.


If you were struggling with:

  • Crafting the product,

  • Creating the funnel,

  • Making the selling process easy for you and the customer,

You now have the means to make this happen so you can become a full-time musician faster.


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