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What is a Superfan Microeconomy and why Artists need one!

I'm delving into the music business even deeper today and we are addressing the super fan micro economy what it exactly is, why artists need it, and how it will affect the artist revenue. Check out today's episode and read the article below for more information on this topic.

Direct Action

In 2008 Spotify came up with an innovation that made the problem of the time –piracy – effectively redundant. What’s required now are new innovations that make the current streaming model look like an alternative, not the only choice – to enjoy music.

Now is the time

Whatever streaming is now, is pretty much how it is going to be. The future of what streaming can be is already here, today.

  • Record labels and publishers have experienced strong revenue growth and improving margins. Their businesses have been improved

  • Artists and songwriters have more people listening to their music than ever before and more creators are able to earn income than ever before

However, this is a problem because all though more people are listening to more music and creator aren't making enough money!!

Streaming benefits rights holders more than it does creators.<