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Use These OnlyFans Tactics for EXPLOSIVE Music Sales!

Music creators aren’t making money from their communities because they aren't servicing the fans correctly. That’s why many say screw the community; let’s just make the fans buy! However, all creators aren’t going through this, just musicians. I understand that money has to be made and we can’t sacrifice the art. This is why you should look at what another side of the entertainment industry is doing out in the world.

Preview the Content on Social Media

When developing a fan website, the first thing you will want to do is use social media to advertise what the listener/viewer will be getting in exchange for signing up with your fan community page/subscription service. Usually, this will be in the form of your standard talent-based content, but the main focus will be on POV storytelling content. This is how you keep people entertained more easily.


High-quality previews should give the listener/viewer a “fear of missing out” feeling because they can’t get the content in full; however, this feeling only increases when the content and value are really high.


Subscribing is only part three of this scenario. Congratulations if you succeed in getting fans to subscribe to your community. However, this is a small price that usually doesn't bother the fan because it’s inexpensive, usually $5.99-$9.99. Because the price is so low, the fans will want more and will also feel your experience is worth more than half of a Chipotle bowl a month.

Charging Like Netflix (Tier Pricing)

Because the fans can only get previews on social media, they will shy away from prices over $9.99 since they are already getting so much quality content on social media. Why would they pay more than $10 for the same thing? In this case, you’d have to tier your pricing like Netflix: $6.99/$15.49/$22.99 and give different benefits at each level. This way, the subscriber will be enticed to pay more. Lastly, advertise your most expensive option as the best value.

Higher Pricing vs. Lower Pricing

Higher pricing, anything over $15/month, should be used when you have a decent following on social media and you’ve already shown how you can give great value for free.

Premium Upsell Purchases

The key is to get them in at a low subscription price, which guarantees revenue, and then upsell them on other options within the fan community. They will get basic-level videos, but premium access, experiences, services, and communication cost extra… WAY EXTRA!

Prepping the Club (Product Menu)

You’ll want to make sure content is already available on your platform before you open the club, and you want to make sure you’ve planned out content segments along with experiences and services you can offer fans before the club opens. Having a menu of products available increases sales immediately, so at least fans know that other experiences are available.

Staying Engaged

This is the make-or-break point of this operation. If you do not stay engaged with the community every week, they will leave. Nobody is going to pay for nothing. If they do leave, however, the good thing is you’re not losing tons of revenue since your price point is below $10. A low club entry fee prevents chargebacks.

What is the Best Platform to Do This On?

  1. Mighty Networks

  2. Circle

  3. OnlyFans (if you don’t mind sacrificing the younger age group)

  4. Patreon

Should I Do This When Starting Out?

Communities should only be built if you plan on keeping them updated frequently. It takes a lot of work to run a community. So, you’ll want to figure out how much you can actually do and how often, then base your prices on that.

What Do I Need to Pull This Off?

  1. Inspiration

  2. Plan

  3. Creativity

  4. Desire to serve your fans more

You’ll Need a Business Foundation for This, So…

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If You Build the Community

  1. Your fanbase will become even more engaged and supportive of you.

  2. Others who aren’t subscribed will want to join.

  3. Subgroups will form, creating an even deeper, richer fan experience for you, making you even bigger as an artist and personality.

Not Building a Community

Is not the end of the world. However, fan communities will become standard, and more and more fans will expect you to have one. It will cause you to leave a lot of money on the table and miss out on your growth potential.


If you were struggling with the thought of having a fan community, hopefully, the OnlyFans approach gives you more insight into beefing up your fanbase for superstardom. By applying these tactics, you can create a thriving, engaged community that not only supports your artistry but also significantly boosts your online music sales. Embrace these strategies and watch your fanbase and revenue grow exponentially!


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