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Unlocking Level 2: Keys to Escaping Level 1 in Your Music Career

Artists never want to be stuck at the bottom of the music industry. Everybody that exists between you and the top spot! Competition with A-listers drains resources without yielding results. They believe they have to have significant monetary success or compete with the stars to be successful.

I see this all the time with all of you who book a call with me you focus on business first which is great but you don’t finish your product development which is you!

Stop Competing with A-Listers

As an artist striving to leave a mark, it's natural to look up to the top players in the industry. However, focusing too much on what the A-listers are doing can lead to wasted resources and loss of personal identity. Instead, build your own brand that's unique and sets you apart. Remember, the music world is vast, and there's a place for everyone.

Understand That 90% of Your Current Competitors Won't Make It

This isn't to breed negativity but to foster resilience. The reality of the music industry is that it's tough, and many artists drop out along the way. The journey may be hard, but knowing this can help you stay focused, determined, and ready to outlast the competition.

Remember, Money Doesn't Equal Success in the Beginning, Uniqueness Does

The early stages of a music career are rarely lucrative. Instead of equating money with success, prioritize your unique musical identity. Your originality will be your key to long-term success. As you build your identity and cultivate a dedicated audience, financial rewards will follow.

Setting Your Sights Far, Not High, Will Help You Attain Your Goals

Immediate fame is tempting but rarely leads to long-term success. Focus on sustainable growth and progression. Every step forward, no matter how small, brings you closer to your ultimate goal. Be patient, be persistent, and keep creating.

Common Concerns

What if My Style Doesn't Appeal to the Masses?

The key is to find your niche audience who appreciate and value your unique style. The mass appeal often follows when you remain authentic and true to your style.

What if I Can't Sustain Myself Financially While Chasing My Music Career?

This is a risk every artist takes. However, by focusing on your unique identity and not wasting resources competing with A-listers, you're more likely to find financial stability.

What if My Music Is Not Good Enough?

There's always room for improvement. It's crucial to be open to feedback and constantly evolve. Your uniqueness can't be replicated, so build on that.

Here’s What You Need to Do!

Understand your value and uniqueness, focus on sustainable growth, be patient, and keep creating. Your journey is unique to you and can't be compared to anyone else's.

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Sounds of Success

Embracing these strategies will lead to tangible benefits. You'll build a dedicated niche audience that appreciates your authenticity. Financial stability will come as you continue to grow within your unique space, without the stress of keeping up with industry giants. Your long-term industry presence will be a testament to your resilience and commitment to your art. And most importantly, you'll gain increased self-confidence and personal satisfaction, affirming that you're on the right track.

Slippery Slope of Doom

Ignoring these strategies, on the other hand, may lead to a challenging journey. Continuously trying to compete with A-listers may deplete your resources without yielding the desired results. You may also grapple with unfulfilled potential and emotional burnout due to constant comparisons and unmet expectations. Loss of personal identity could occur if you're too focused on emulating others. And ultimately, these factors could lead to a potential departure from the industry that you're so passionate about.


In the beginning, our artist was lost in the noise, trying to imitate stars and craving immediate success. By embracing their uniqueness and focusing on long-term growth, they'll create a resonating voice in the music industry, truly 'Unlocking Level 2'.

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