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Transform Social Media Content into a Goldmine as a Music Artist

All artists want to feel what real independence feels like.

  • This takes the ability to plan goals

  • Achieve goals

  • And turn the goals into money

The problem is you don't know how to plan for the money, which is why you feel this frustration. However, the formula is simpler than you think.

Always Plan Three Steps for Each Content Plan

  1. Initiate and Measure: Action A will result in X amount of (Followers, views, likes) so I can (Action B)

  2. Build and Grow: Action B will result in X amount of (_______) so I can (Action C)

  3. Achieve and Expand: Action C will result in X amount of (_______) so I can (Action D)

Analyze the Data from the First Step to Take the Second

If you did not get the desired result or a satisfactory result, go back and try step one again. Step one must always unlock step two. If enough energy was not captured from step one, repeat it until you reach your required threshold to move forward.

Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply!

The high is the trap! Many artists get trapped in the love they are getting and continue to produce more content, which ultimately gets them trapped in the content matrix. Always remember content is a tool and a means to build leverage for a much larger goal.

Staying Out of the Content Loop

Stay ahead by always planning your next move. The third step is often the real goal you had in mind, cleverly reverse-engineered into manageable milestones. Again, avoid getting lost in the allure of immediate success; content is a means to an end, not the end itself. This is how you stay ahead of the game and stay out of the content loop.

Example Content Plan

  1. Initial Milestone: Content Plan A will result in (5000 followers) so I can (Convert 10% [500] to email subscribers)

  2. Growth Phase: (500 Email subscribers) will result in (A 3% conversion of [15 fans] joining my fan club) so I can (earn $150 a month in extra income to fund my music career)

  3. Expansion Stage: ($150 a month) will result in (3 new software tools) so I can (speed up my content creation process)

Here You Go Taking Us Away from Music Again?

Creating music for the sake of art is noble, but if you're aiming to make an impact, it involves strategy, people, and yes, money.

How Reasonable or Ambitious Should I Be When Planning?

For beginners, set achievable goals to learn the ropes. You have a lot to learn with the content creation process. For the experienced, aim high—your skills and knowledge are your assets. Go hard or go home.

What Should My First Goal Be?

Your first goal should always be email. Establishing a contact list that is solely yours is the best digital gold you can have! Emails make money and produce attention!

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If You Complete All Three Steps

  1. You’ll know that anything is possible.

  2. You’ll learn and recognize you can use the same formula and repeat it again.

  3. You’ll build confidence.

  4. The goldmine will start to produce revenue for you.

If You Shortchange the Goals

  1. You will take much longer to get the results you want to see.

  2. You’ll think it's not working, but really it's you.

  3. If you have to shortchange them, just know your goals are too big for you alone, and you’ll need to get help to achieve them.


If you were struggling with:

  1. Transforming your career with content

  2. Building revenue

  3. Achieving your goals

You now have the means to get those tasks done!


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