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The Spotify Killers: TikTok Music & YouTube

Music creators and consumers are fed up with Spotify. Major labels and their shares make it discomforting for everybody.

  • When people are upset, there must be a replacement.

  • With streaming 2.0 on the horizon, who will take the charge?

  • Can Spotify really stand up to what TikTok has to offer?

Artists need more money. Fans want a better experience. Everybody is frustrated. Let’s see if TikTok can straighten things out.

All-in-One Platform Experiences Will Unfold Streaming 2.0

Every era has a consolidation point. In the 90s, we consolidated record players to Walkmans and portable CD players. In the 2000s, we consolidated CD players into MP3 players. By 2010, we’d consolidated them into an app to be accessed on internet-capable devices. Now, we must go into the devices and consolidate the app into behemoth mega apps that handle everything in one place.

TikTok Music Is Building Steam Pt. 1

To catch you up to speed, in the summer of 2022, TikTok filed for a US trademark of TikTok Music, launched a streaming platform called Resso to test the streaming markets, added music to the profiles of verified artists, and launched SoundOn, a music distribution service. I explain all of this in my video “TikTok Fires Shots at Spotify and Apple Music | Major Changes Coming!!” back on August 31st, 2022.

TikTok Music Is Building Steam Pt. 2

TikTok refused to bend to the will of major labels last year, which is why you saw a lot of major label music removed from the platform. Business pages could not use popular music from major artists, and it was replaced by catalog instrumental music. This caused the public to condition themselves to use unknown catalog music instead, which eventually became a nonissue as long as the user could get the right music for their pages. Now the majors are back and ready to play ball, but with a decreasing market share and more independents getting into the game, who cares?

TikTok Music Is Building Steam Pt. 3

The moves TikTok pulled off with SoundOn, Snoop Dogg, and the Death Row catalog earlier this year were genius. It makes the video I put out two weeks ago about Spotify dying by 2028 much more relevant. If the majors are a secondary implementation and AI music fills in the gaps, will the public even care when we are reaching a bigger market share of independent music?

Direct-to-Artist Revenue

Spotify wants 1000 streams to pay out; TikTok doesn’t care! Yet… But because TikTok is a media network, what stops them from making a premium network or options for their creators? TikTok has more options to supercharge a direct-to-artist revenue model overnight, especially with the capabilities gained with TikTok Shop!

The Ability to Share and Comment Is the Silver Bullet!

Spotify doesn’t have a great ability to share; however, TikTok Music does. On top of that, it’s an instant share! This kills Instagram and Spotify at the same time and puts restraints on YouTube! But wait, there’s more! You can even comment on your favorite songs and join in on the conversation. Game over! For now…

YouTube Music Has Been Prepping for This Battle for Ages

Ever since YouTube hired Lyor Cohen, I knew something was going to brew. Though there is not much to say concerning YouTube Music, being able to combine your YouTube page, Shorts page, and music profile into one body is a big blow all in itself. YouTube has already had a community subscription at the ready for maybe 3-4 years, and all they have to do is push the button! Plus, YouTube has already started testing revenue sharing with music rights holders and content creators, so we may see a surprise attack with good ole Google. On top of that, Google was also a purchasing partner in BMI during last month's sale of BMI. It’s getting spicy!

What Does This Mean for My Spotify Promotion?

You will have to adjust. There will be new strategies you’ll have to implement, but as long as you view music as content creation just as much as general content creation itself, it will help ease the pains of your devoted focus on Spotify. This will take lots of work, people. Get ready!

Will Spotify Still Be Around?

It will be the equivalent of your uncle saying, “Back in my day, we had to walk 15 miles to the record store to get an album.” However, for those who have huge databases of playlists, it will be around. Spotify will be the slain veteran we give respect to for putting up a fight with the majors first!

What Type of Overall Promotion Strategy Should I Consider?

Content, content, content! Jump in and figure out what works best for you.

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If You Utilize TikTok

  1. Creating content on TikTok will supply your career with the reinforcement that you need to build your brand.

  2. This allows you to garner the attention necessary to rake in the money to prop up your career.

If You Stick to YouTube or Instagram

  1. YouTube will not leave you high and dry, but you may lose speed.

  2. Instagram and the meta companies will leave you looking for another way out.


You now have the means to make an educated decision about joining and getting in on the content train. If you were struggling with:

  1. Deciding to get in on the TikTok action,

  2. Thinking that TikTok is overrated,

  3. Seeing a reason why it was necessary,

You now have the means to make an educated decision about joining and getting in on the TikTok train.

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