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The Rule of Three: The calculated steps to music stardom

Many artists crave a substantial payday but overlook the value of releasing a set of three independent albums before they pierce the public consciousness.

  • More often than not, the artist or their team is tempted by the allure of quick financial gain.

  • Externally, there's a pressing need to kickstart your journey and gain substantial traction to propel you toward your subsequent goals.

  • This creates a sense of anxiety as you yearn for a taste of success.

  • The dilemma lies in deciding whether to take your time and release three thoughtful projects or to rush them out within a single year, expecting identical outcomes.

I fully understand the desire to achieve quick wins. You're eager to prove not only to yourself but also to others that you've got what it takes. However, I can assure you that reaching this pivotal point requires time. Let me elaborate on why this time investment is crucial.

Breaking Public Consciousness

Your main objective throughout this journey is to break into the public consciousness.

  • Muni Long

  • Kendrick Lamar

  • Nicki Minaj

These artists didn't become household names overnight. Their journey to stardom involved careful planning, strategic releases, and a strong understanding of their unique value in the music industry.

Propagating Content into the System

Releasing content through distributors is key to getting Digital Service Providers (DSPs) to recognize your music, artwork, song metadata, bio, lyrics, and more. Once your content begins circulating, you can claim all your profiles. Furthermore, these projects build a catalog for collection agencies and provide a body of work for listeners, establishing a track record and authenticity in the market.

Building a Presence in the Regional and National Market

If you haven't firmly rooted yourself in a local or regional market, capturing a worldwide audience will be challenging. A robust local market lends credibility, the regional market rallies behind you, and the national market purchases from you. If you're a digital artist with a presence spread thin from the outset, you're facing a daunting journey unless you have a highly detailed action plan to make an immediate significant impact.

Building Relationships with Media, Touring, Banking, and Label Connects

Establishing a narrative through media before hiring a PR agent can eliminate the struggle of getting them to understand your origins and intentions. You’ll also need a booking agent for planning tours and scheduling spot dates to enhance your publicity. As your projects pile up, relationships with financial professionals and label personnel become essential for financial services, feature access, a la carte deal options, and general relationship building.

What Do These 3 Projects Give You?

  • The first project grants Knowledge, providing an elementary understanding of the industry and the confidence to navigate it again.

  • The second project imparts Wisdom, fostering partnerships, financial growth, and sprouting public relationships, leading you to your third project.

  • The third project bestows Understanding about your financial goals, team needs, and the large-scale image you want to project.

The Phantom Break

The phantom break occurs during the second project when you’re on the verge of crossing the line of public consciousness. It feels like you've made it because the regional market is ablaze with your work!

Can’t I Just Drop Singles and Skip the Projects?

Certainly, but you'll likely end up releasing the same number of songs as a full project, and your audience may crave a more varied presentation after a handful of singles.

What Happens If I Break on Two Projects?

Congratulations! But your third project will solidify your industry standing. Breaking only ignites buzz, not a lasting career.

What If Nothing Happens by the Time I Release My Third Project?

There's a good chance you'll remain independent for a while, potentially finding success there. Alternatively, your offerings may not have been unique enough to cut through the industry noise.

Let’s Get to Work!

  • Begin planning your first release or set of singles to start the process.

  • Draft a timeline that will lead you to your ideal breaking point.

  • Adhere to the goal formula: X by Y for A because of Z.

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Success Run

Successfully executing these steps will lead to a transformative journey, propelling you from an unrecognized artist to a reputable name in the industry. The knowledge, wisdom, and understanding gained will not only augment your musical prowess but also your business acumen, setting a solid foundation for a prosperous career.

Fail to Win

On the flip side, failure to implement these steps can lead to a frustrating cycle of releasing music that fails to gain traction. Without a strategic plan and an understanding of the importance of a robust independent catalog, you risk falling into obscurity in the vast ocean of artists vying for recognition.


This journey will undoubtedly change you. From an aspiring artist grappling with the desire for quick success, you'll transform into a resilient, strategic musical entrepreneur. You'll realize that taking calculated, deliberate steps isn't a sign of slow progress, but of wisdom and an understanding of the industry's intricacies. Your patience and dedication will ultimately result in the powerful breaking of public consciousness, propelling you into the music stardom you've always dreamt of.


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