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The Comeback Blueprint: Transforming Your Album from Flop to Phenomenal!

Every creative wants a “do-over” chance if they messed up a release. I understand the disappointment, loss in revenue, and frustration with the staff. The problem is we spent a lot of money, and we’ve got to salvage what we did to get us back on track. Even though you feel this will be tough, are you really going to let time and money go out the window, or are you going to fix it so we can make it across the finish line?

Keep the Top Song That Won!

You’ll want to keep the winning flagship song! This is like an anchor store coming to a neighborhood that needs growth. The record that worked will allow the rest of our strategy to take off.

Remix the Songs That Did Alright

You don’t want to remix everything. You only want to remix the songs that did okay and give them a boost in quality and a fresh feel. You can also remix the original single and put it at the end of the project.

Add a Blazing Hot New Song to the Group

Next, you’ll want to add a hot, hot, hot new single to the mix and place it after the flagship record on the project! This will give the new project life!


Lastly, repackage everything and call it a new album.


This has to be done very quickly!

What If I Can’t Get a Producer to Remix?

Screw the remixes and make new songs!

Should I Just Waterfall a Second Single Instead?

You can, but that would mean a riskier bet on the next single being amazing!

Should This Be a Full Album or an EP?

Make it an EP because we’re only using pieces that worked from the album.

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Remixing a Dead Album

  • Puts more songs in your catalog

  • Further increases your catalog value

  • Gives you more life in the game!

Not Remixing a Flopped Album

  • Puts more pressure on you to get it done right the next time

  • Slows down your career momentum tremendously

  • Makes the next project take more thrust and effort to release


If you were struggling with what to do with a flopped album, EP, or a project that didn’t get enough listens due to poor promotion, you now have the means to fix what unfolded and turn it into a win!


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