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Talent vs Story: The pillar content that makes music careers soar

Music artists want to create compelling content for social media success. However, many struggle with creating inadequate content that fails to engage fans and attract new ones. This stems from uncertainty about what types of content to create and the belief that good music should speak for itself, without the need for strategic content creation.

Showcasing Your Talent First

To start with, artists must showcase their talent. This is about creating content that truly highlights your musical skills. You can achieve this through live performances, snippets of new music, or behind-the-scenes looks at your creative process. When you openly exhibit your talents, you begin to overcome the external problem of generating engagement on social media. As you see the response to your skills, it helps assuage the internal issue of self-doubt, building confidence in your abilities. Moreover, showcasing your talent first sets a strong foundation, addressing the philosophical problem by proving that good talent, presented well, does attract attention and can generate a significant response.

Showcasing Your Talent’s Unique Abilities

In addition to showcasing your talent, it's essential to highlight your unique abilities. What sets you apart from other artists in your genre? This might be a unique way you write songs, a distinctive style of playing your instrument, or a different approach to performing. By focusing on what sets you apart, you address the external problem of distinguishing yourself in a sea of other artists. It solves the internal issue by giving you a clearer sense of your unique place in the music world. This step also addresses the philosophical problem by demonstrating that unique abilities can intrigue and engage fans, making your music and your brand more memorable.

Showcasing Your Story Second

Once you have established your talent, it's time to delve into your story. This isn't just about sharing your bio; it's about providing insights into your journey, your inspirations, and the experiences that have shaped you as an artist. This content allows fans to feel a deeper connection to you, addressing the external problem of creating shareable and relatable content. By sharing your story, you solve the internal problem of not knowing what content to create. Your story is a goldmine of potential content ideas. This process also tackles the philosophical issue by showing that personal stories aren't secondary but integral to your brand, enriching the connection between you and your fans.

Showcasing Your Story’s Unique Details

The final step is to highlight the unique details of your story. These are the pivotal moments, challenges overcome, victories savored, and even the quirky aspects of your life that your fans would find fascinating. This strategy helps solve the external problem by engaging fans on a deeper level, making your content more than just surface-level entertainment. It also alleviates the internal issue by helping you see that every aspect of your journey, including the unique details, holds value. Moreover, it tackles the philosophical problem by proving that the unique details of your story, no matter how trivial they may seem, can add depth to your image and make you more relatable to your audience.

What if my story isn't interesting enough?

Every journey has its ups and downs. Your authenticity and the way you tell it can make your story compelling.

Is it necessary to share personal details with fans?

Sharing personal details isn't about revealing every aspect of your life; it's about allowing your fans to connect with your journey and experience.

What if my talent isn’t as unique as others?

Talent isn't just about being different; it's about how you use and present your skills. Your individual expression of your talent is what makes it unique.

Try It Out!

You’ve got to understand that both talent and story are necessary for successful social media content. Start by showcasing your skills, identify your unique abilities, share your journey, and highlight its unique details.

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. Increased engagement on social media.

  2. Expanded fanbase.

  3. Enhanced artist-fan relationship.

  4. Recognition in the music industry.

  5. More opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.

  6. Potential for record deals or sponsorships.

Slipping into Darkness

  1. Limited growth in followers and engagement.

  2. Low recognition in the music industry.

  3. Missed opportunities due to lack of visibility.


Starting as a talented musician uncertain about how to utilize social media to their advantage, the artist transforms into a self-assured social media strategist who not only understands the importance of showcasing their talent and unique story but knows how to do so effectively, fostering a deeper connection with their fanbase and accelerating their growth in the music industry.


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