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Simplify Your Music Promotion: Easy Tips for Busy Artists

As an artist, you want to promote your music easily and reach as many people as possible. However, the reality is that managing promotion can be overwhelming, especially for solo artists or small teams. The key to overcoming this is to simplify your process.

Target Your Market Place - Sample Consumption

Promotion can be challenging, and if you’re busy, trying to keep up with every platform is impractical. Choose one platform and optimize every single post. Identify where your target audience is or focus on your home region. Create SEO-optimized captions for your music and use relevant hashtags. Be strategic rather than spammy, and make sure to optimize the song title at the top or bottom of your videos to encourage streaming.

Target Your Market Place - Purchase Consumption

Optimize the places where users will stream and consume your music. Ensure you have an attractive photo for the icon and banner art. Canva can help with this. Make sure your social links and bio are readily available, and sync your lyrics with the music on the platform. Listeners should enjoy all their favorite features on the streaming platform, so make sure everything is in place.

Focus on One Content Type… First! - Talent

If your raw talent can stand alone without electronic support and still get wow reactions, leverage this. This can draw significant attention and sustain you for a while.

Focus on One Content Type… First! - Talent Story Blend

If your raw talent isn’t up to par, use a documentary-style approach that blends your talent with your personality. This is ideal if your skills are lower than a 7, as going raw might look embarrassing. This method showcases your talent without exposing weaknesses.

Increasing Your Value

Increase value by focusing on both quality filming and quality presentation for streaming. This will make your promotion efforts more effective.

Bonus: Pre-Saves

Pre-saves can game the system by letting streaming algorithms know there is demand for your music. This can lead to recommendations for editorial playlisting even if you don’t have industry contacts.

But I’m Missing Fans on Other Platforms!?

If you’re trying to simplify your promotion strategy, focusing on one platform is the way to go. When you’re ready to expand, you’ll understand the type of value needed because you’ve had time to see what the public responds to.

When Should I Move to Other Platforms?

Move to other platforms when you have the help or when you’ve perfected your system. Only then should you add another platform.

Shouldn’t I Optimize Every Streaming Platform?

Yes, but start with Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists. You can also use Symphonic Distribution to make the process easier.

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Simplifying the Promotion Process

This simple approach will increase engagement and discovery speed, reducing headaches and allowing your music career to take off. It also lets you increase the frequency of your releases because you have fewer channels to manage.

Making Your Promotion Process Harder

Overcomplicating your promotion stifles growth and makes you look disorganized. This can turn people off and cause you to lose money and opportunities. Trust me.


If you were struggling with promoting your music, you now have an easier system to work with to be next up on the radar.


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