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Record Labels Versus Independent Artists: Who will win?

This week I take a look at the outcome of a Record Labels vs Independent Artist battle and who will actually win this battle. The thing is Independent Artists need Record Labels and the Labels need the Artists. The key here is the dividing line between who profits first and who will make the most money in the end.

Music Industry Thrives on 2 copyrights

Performing Arts (Composition / Song)

Sound Recording (Master Sound Recording)

6 Rights of copy each

  • Right to Reproduce (Tapes, Vinyl, CD’s, USBs) (Lyric books / Song Books)

  • Right to prepare derivative works (Remixes, Altered versions, etc)

  • Right to Distribute (Digital or physical distribution systems)

  • Right to Public performance (Live or recorded)

  • Right to Public Display (Lyric/Print Display)

  • Right to Digital Performance (Streaming Services, Internet radio, Satellite radio, IPTV)

You will either Buy (copyrights) or Create (copyrights) but both will eventually Sell them.

A 100k-500k Advance is for records only!!

Independent Artists:

  • Buy - Gear (LOSS - Start-Up Expenses) (Infrastructure in Place)

  • Create - Compositions / Sound Recordings (WIN)

--------------------------------- Dividing Line -----------------------------

  • Sell - Catalog (Money and Infrastructure hang-ups) (LOSS)

  • Profit - Royalties (LOSS)

Wild Card (BRAND & Audience)

Record Labels:

  • Create - Business (LOSS - Start-Up Expenses) (Infrastructure in Place)

--------------------------------- Dividing Line -----------------------------

  • Buy - Catalog (Money Needed) (WIN)

  • Sell - Reproductions (Win)

  • Profit - Net Sales (Win)


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