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Record Labels and Music Publishers Exposed, Songwriters threaten to sever ties! #100Percenters

Major Record Labels and Music Publishers are Exposed, and Songwriters threaten to sever ties! Thank you, tiffany Red and The 100 percenters! Today's video isn't just for songwriters it's for Artists and Producers as well! Tiffany Red and the 100 Percenters (songwriters) have been banging on the doors of these Major music publishing houses and Major Labels as well exposing them to the public and demanding from them changes to music publishing contract clauses nearly 2,000 have signed her petition and it's picking up steam fast. Check out "Major Record Labels and Publishers Exposed, Songwriters threaten to sever ties!" right here on the music money makeover show!

00:00 - Intro

00:16 - Preface

01:42 - Copyright Explained

03:36 - The 100 Percenters

06:32 - The Open Letter

09:24 - The Points

10:56 - Old Format (Graph)

12:10 - The 100 Percenters Proposal (Graph)

12:46 - My Proposal (Graph)

17:50 - Please be kind to the writers!

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