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No Fans = No $$: 3 Main Stages of Building a Connected Fanbase

Many artists release music but never connect with a dedicated fanbase. Building a strong, connected fanbase involves three key stages:

  1. Sampling

  2. Constant Contact

  3. Community

Most creators stop at the sampling level because breaking through to the constant contact stage can be challenging. However, this process becomes easier if you genuinely feel compelled to connect with your audience.

The Sampling Stage

The sampling stage is the beginning of your fan or sales funnel. This is where everyone discovers you. It includes all social media platforms and streaming platforms where people do not pay for what they consume from you. Building a following on these platforms is important, but they are not the end-all-be-all for keeping your fanbase connected to you.

Constant Contact Stage

The next stage is constant contact, the second stage of your fan funnel, achieved through email automation. Emails keep your curious fans connected to you because your communications can feel personal if done correctly. Although it's a one-way street, you can inform your super-interested fans about what's going on with you, making them feel more connected through detailed information and offers that don't seem like social media stunts.

The Community Stage

The community stage is the superfan club. It's where you can connect with your fans on a monthly level and offer exclusive content and products to those who pay a monthly premium to be part of your server. Here, you can find out what your fans want from you, enabling you to create better products and content for them. You may even find fans willing to help you moderate the community. This stage can generate significant income if you maintain the platform well.

Email is Dead, Right?

Wrong! Email is not dead. Email is used to stay connected to your fanbase that truly cares. It may not be as large as your social media following, but these are the people who really care about what you have to say and who will spend money if you have the right offer.

When Should You Build a Community?

Build a community when you feel compelled to share content on a deeper level that doesn't have to fit an algorithm—content that can be more unfiltered and raw. You'll know it's time when fans start asking you more questions, you see your regulars showing up all the time, or you just have more to share.

What if I Just Stay at the Surface Level?

Staying at the surface level can work, but you must ask yourself if you were genuinely trying to connect with people via social media or selfishly seeking attention. The surface level will not bring you the connection you seek even if you try, because it's very hard to manage fans vs. viewers at that level.

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Connecting on a Deeper Level

  1. Brings more rewards for your efforts in music.

  2. Allows you to see how your music inspires others.

  3. Gives you the chance to make the money you were seeking.

Not Connecting with the People

  1. Makes you create music in vain.

  2. Leads to unrewarding and unfulfilling experiences.

  3. Ultimately makes you quit because you don’t get the fruits you were looking for.


If you were struggling with understanding the levels of fanbase connection, you now have the means to dig in a little bit deeper to connect with them and build a more fulfilling music career.


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