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Music publishers don’t matter and here’s why!

Every creator wants to keep their publishing, and more are starting to do the work of the publisher themselves. They are beginning to see that:

  1. Collections can be done by them or a partner.

  2. Sync agents bring the biggest checks.

  3. Publishers have the worst loans you can get if you’re not a hit writer.

They only exist because you don’t have time or the know-how to do the job. This is why nearly 97% of all artists get scared of this learning curve. But if this is your career, then you should know how it works, right? Let’s tackle why you don’t need one or why you might choose one.

Most Want Publishers to Collect

Music publishing is slow money, and as long as you have your song registered properly, you will not need a music publisher to collect for you. Music publishing will be the final frontier in the music industry to get revamped, but it's happening. Soon, things will be so automated that publishers won't be necessary to do this job anymore.

All Sync Agents Don’t Work at Publishers

Many sync agents don’t work in publishing houses. They have their own facilities, deals, and clearances. Many will say that you need a music publisher to get great sync opportunities, but this is simply not true. You can hire your own sync agent.

It’s the Worst Loan in the Music Business

The loan repayment on non-hit records is so slow that a $100,000 loan, minus taxes and expenses, is not worth it. In one year, you’ll be broke again, living from advance to advance if you make it. As you can see, you’re technically living paycheck to paycheck, but there’s a significant gap between the next one after you run out of cash because no hit records mean no fast money.

So What Do Publishers Do?

At this point in time, they collect your royalties and ensure your registrations are done properly. If they are full-service, they work to get you sync placements and look for other licensing opportunities outside of television. Lastly, if they are big, they have a network of songwriters that you can work with to boost your creativity and catalog. But honestly, if you have any drive, you can find your crew of writers yourself.

Here’s Their Main Selling Point

Direct deals allow them to bypass mechanical royalty collection agencies and go directly to the source, saving you money, right? Well, not exactly. It saves you 11-15% initially, but to get into deals with companies who do direct deals, they’ll just add it back to your admin fee at around 25-30%, so you’re back in the same boat anyway. You just get more opportunities, maybe.

The Creator Connection Kills Publishers

If you’re great at networking, once you get going in this business, you don't need the publisher to make your connections. Creators seek out other creators, so what are we talking about here? You can make a record happen tonight while the publisher is still trying to make phone calls tomorrow morning.

I Don’t Know How to Do the Job

All you need to know is how to register the records properly at every entity that collects that money for you. It’s not complicated, and I can show you how!

How Do I Keep Up with the Collections?

You don’t have to once the records are registered on time and properly. It’s pretty much on autopilot these days—that’s the best-kept secret in the game.

What About the Advance? I Need Money!

Do you really, or is working a job too hard? I know creating and working can be hard on your brain. However, it's going to be worse when you get a taste of freedom and have to go back to the job. 90% of writers will not have a hit record in their profile, so build your passive income over time and then quit your job. Besides, I know hit songwriters who have devised a system to work a real job because the music industry doesn’t provide benefits for their family. You may want to think again as you get older.

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If You Stay Independent

There are many fancy things you can do to get more money from your publishing and keep your peace of mind.

  • You get to see your money directly.

  • You can move around the chessboard a lot more freely.

If You Sign with a Publisher

It usually takes 2-3 years to realize what you could have been doing to accelerate your career.

  • It will take this long because the publisher will have you working at first, building you, and then if you don’t work out, the horrors start to set in.


If you were struggling with signing or not signing with a publisher, you now have the means to make an educated decision.


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