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Music Promotion Strategy: How to build a music promotion strategy when marketing your music.

All artists or labels need a promotion strategy. But how do you make one? Everyone says content is key, but how do you deliver it effectively? How do you overcome this frustration? Should promotion be just a few posts, hoping viewers listen to your music, or should these promotional efforts continue over time?

I totally understand your position. However, you need to understand this three-step framework strategy to push forward successfully with your promotion strategy.


First, decide which marketplace you want to enter: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Once you decide the market, you need to determine the frequency of how often you are seen and the quality of content you provide to get consumers to take action from your promotional efforts.

Promotional Tool Content for the Marketplace

Decide on the type of promotional material for your chosen market: songs, videos, or text content. You must determine the quality, context, and value you need to deliver to get consumers to take action. This step is crucial for building a connection with your audience and encouraging them to engage with your content.

Traffic Direction

What action do you want your audience to take? Do you want them to listen, watch, or buy? Ultimately, your content should be designed to get your audience to listen to your narrative, sell yourself, your music, and your merchandise to your captured lead, otherwise known as your fan.

Why Do I Have to Make Content?

Everything is content, and if you are asking this in 2023, you are not cut out for this industry! All artists are creating multimedia companies by default nowadays. So, you can either get right or get left!

It’s Hard to Create Content and Music at the Same Time?

It's hard to want success and never get it, so why are you complaining? The game has changed! I recommend scheduling your content and pre-planning to reduce stress.

The Music is a Product; Why Can't I Just Promote That?

You can, but the most cost-effective way to do that is through social media. You see, you're right back at square one!

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That Ends in Success

  • Increased Audience Size: Tremendous exposure for you and your music.

  • Increased Cash Flow: Financial growth for your label and artist brand, aiding your plan for financial freedom.

  • Rinse and Repeat: The ability to repeat the process, ensuring you never experience a hard decline once your light stops shining.

That Ends in Failure

  • Stagnation: You’ll never move far from where you started.

  • Bitterness: You’ll always think someone has it better than you and become bitter.

  • Giving Up: You’ll probably give up altogether.


This framework is designed to give you clear insight into what you need to do to transform your music career into one worth having. By following these steps, you can clear up your worries about making it as an artist or record company, ensuring a successful and sustainable career in the music industry.

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