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Music Marketing Strategy vs Music Marketing Plan: Why you need both!

Artists want their music heard by the right people who will help them skyrocket to stardom. While this sounds beautiful, the process is more complex. The problem is that a plan alone often leads to failure, causing frustration and constant restarts. We need to turn your losing plan into a winning strategy.

What is a Music Marketing Plan?

A plan is a list of things that you are going to do. It includes a list of consumer markets you plan to enter when promoting your music. Plans are random notes and agendas organized into an even consensus that all parties agree to so that a strategy can be implemented.

Why is a Music Marketing Plan Necessary?

A plan is necessary to ensure all areas of concern are addressed and narrowed down to the top 3 or 4 priorities for the fiscal year. Without addressing all concerns, you cannot build a solid strategy that can be fully executed.

What is a Music Marketing Strategy?

A strategy is all about competitive edge and action. It involves how you want to outshine every artist in the consumer pools you’ve decided to enter to stand out or take over. Strategy focuses on how and where you will accomplish your planned goals.

Why is a Music Marketing Strategy Necessary?

A strategy is important to execute the plan. Many artists plan what they want and strategize on the fly. Though nothing is guaranteed in this business, a strategy helps control and focus efforts. It outlines where, how, and who will execute the plan, what tools are needed, and the deadlines. It also answers

How is a Music Marketing Plan Executed?

For example, if you want to take over Americana music listeners on Spotify, you’d examine how they consume music, where they consume it best, and how they find their way to the streaming platform. Then, utilize ways to direct every listener to your song on that specific platform more than others.

The Guts of the Strategy

  1. Subject: Americana listeners

  2. Objective: Spotify streams

  3. Game Point: 10 million streams

  4. Opponent: The attention of past and present Americana listeners

  5. Team: People, staff, industry insiders

  6. Execution: How to get the listener to listen on Spotify

  7. Platforms: Mobile, desktop, Alexa, in-car

  8. Content: Type of song they will gravitate to the most (uptempo, mid-tempo, slow)

  9. Tools and Software Needed

Bonus: Finding the Niche (aka Segment)

As an artist, finding the niche segment of a market is based on your genre and age group. Your niche segment is often underserved based on a POV concerning topics relevant to age. While people tend to go broad to reach a mass consumer pool, a focused POV can cause a quick rise among an age demographic. However, the niche can be overserved due to saturation by overused topics and production.

What is the Point of All of This?

To push the culture forward and to get money to live. Also, to continuously push the culture forward and protect the art you’ve created.

Can You Hook Multiple Plans Together?

You can, but it takes time to understand how plans and strategy work to go back-to-back with them. The moment you understand how this works is the moment you become a legend.

Where Do You Start First?

Start with the subject, objective, and game point. This will lead you to the why before you get too deep, allowing you to determine if it’s necessary to go down this route.

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Strategy Wins

If you play with an angle to win, you’re more likely to decrease the odds of losing, wasting money, or time.

Plans Lose

If you play the game based on a plan alone, you’ll have a higher loss rate than you could imagine. The regrets will set in super heavy!


If you were wondering how to market your music, you now have a better idea of what and how to do it. By combining a solid plan with a winning strategy, you can turn your aspirations into reality and achieve the success you desire.


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