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Music business 101: 7 Phrases that signal professionalism in the music biz

If you want to be a boss in this business, you need to know what to say to sound like one. We all start as amateurs. The problem is that we don’t know the lingo and protocol, which is why you feel confused about certain doors being closed. Is it based on what you say or what you hear?

Business Exec to Manager: Who’s Your Lawyer So We Can Send the Contract Over?

Every experienced business exec knows that artists do not read contracts! Why would they send one to you? If an artist wants a copy of the contract, they can get it from their attorney. Any business exec who isn’t on low-level BS will ask you or the manager for the attorney so the attorneys can talk and they can stay clean during negotiations.

Artist: Talk to My Manager About That

When an artist says this, unless they are being exploited, they understand how teamwork works. They also understand protocol and have built a trust foundation with their manager.

Producer/Songwriter to Artist or Vice Versa: What Is Your PRO Information for the Splits?

This producer, writer, or artist is ready to get money! Anybody who doesn’t ask about this isn’t serious.

Artist to Producer: How Much Is Your Fee?

This artist is ready to acquire their masters. They are about their business because they want to know how cheap or expensive acquisition will be. Always remember, acquisition is key in this business.

Artist to Producer: How Many Points Do You Want or Are You a Full-Rate Producer?

This is an experienced artist who knows their contract. This artist is a master because they know their artist royalty share and how producers get paid. If the producer has a lot under their belt, you don’t have to ask about the full rate because they probably are. A full-rate producer typically gets 4% or more.

Exec to Manager (End of Third Quarter): Let’s Talk at the Top of the Quarter/Year

Chances are favorable that a deal option is in the air.

Manager to Creative: How Much Was It? I’ll Tell My Accountant to Cut You a Check for $X.YZ. She Will Send You an Email When She Does.

I’ve had this happen to me a few times. This is the most lovely statement ever! Oh yeah, we’re getting paid!

Talking at the Top of the Year Doesn’t Always Mean a Deal, Right?

You’re right, but at least you have a lead. If this happens, nurture that lead until then and make sure you and your artist keep pushing to make progress to stay in the running or in the back of their minds after the end-of-year rush.

What If You Don’t Have a Lawyer as an Artist?

Get one! If you’re serious.

What’s the Best Way to Get People to Fill Out a Split Sheet?

Do it for them and propose the splits yourself, then people will start communicating. A lot of times it’s just because creatives don’t want to have that tough conversation, so do it for them. Be honest and fair, and everyone will start to respect you for that move, unless they’re egotistical and arrogant. You can only pull this move if you know everybody involved.

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Implementing These Phrases

  1. Will elevate your professionalism.

  2. Make it look like you know what you’re talking about.

  3. Allow you to recognize good situations or ones that aren’t so promising.

Not Implementing These Phrases

Makes you look like an amateur. After hearing these, it makes you look arrogant if you do not adjust your position. It also makes you self-centered on the way to making no money! So, learn these real fast or store these in your lexicon so you can win!


If you wanted to know what a boss sounds like, now you know. Implement these phrases to project professionalism and navigate the music industry effectively. For more information and to continue growing your knowledge, watch the next video that's popping up.


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