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Mastering Social Media: How I help Music Artists beat social media fears

Every artist wants to have a successful social media profile. The main problem is you have no consistent effort and a lack of quality-tested content. This causes a lack of motivation in most and a feeling of defeat in others. You shouldn’t be in this position when you’re starting as long as you can visualize what we’re going to discuss today.

I too had to find the level of consistent effort and quality content I had to put out to keep my audience engaged, and now I’m going to help you with that vision.

Visualize Your Social Media Profiles as Mini TV Networks

Imagine your Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube pages are their own individual networks that make up your conglomerate of networks. These pages are a blank slate for you to amass attention online and magically get people to show up in the physical world or buy products from you.

Develop Your Content Programming

Content must be planned and developed before execution. This is where a lot of artists hit a wall. It’s simply because you don’t know what or who you want to produce your content for, how you want your viewers to react to your content, and what you want your viewers to do after they view your content.

Schedule Your Content Programming

All content should be scheduled just like a television network. Even live events are prescheduled. Scheduling will help you out with fatigue and organization. You have to have a system of checks and balances if you want to succeed with a music career in today’s day and age.

What Happens If You Go Off Air?

People stop tuning in. If you have no people tuning in, eventually they will go elsewhere for their entertainment. It’s as simple as that.

Do You Have to Post Every Day?

If you want your mini TV network to remain active, yes. However, you must remember that your programming was planned unless it is live content.

I Thought the Object of Being a Recording Artist Was to Sell Out Shows, Not Create Content!?

You have to remember that you have an entire audience that still wants to engage with you outside of a live experience. These people may never come to a show, but they still want to be entertained by you and spend money with you.

Here’s What I Suggest

Start simple and focus on the who, what, when, where, and why aspects of your content to develop a master plan for building your multimedia empire in the music world.

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Creating Content This Way Yields

  1. Enhanced Engagement

  2. Growing Fan Base

  3. Monetization Opportunities

  4. Real-world Impact

  5. Brand Partnerships

  6. Artistic Freedom

Creating Content with No Plan Leads To…

  1. Dwindling Online Presence

  2. Missed Opportunities

  3. Sense of Defeat

  4. Reduced Revenue

  5. Loss of Audience Connection

  6. Stagnation


By redefining your digital presence, you open doors to real-world impact and creative freedom. Embrace the strategy and see your engagement, fanbase, and opportunities grow exponentially.

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