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Managers Vs Record Labels | What do Managers do Pt 2

Today I want to dig further into the manager's role when it comes to dealing with the Artist and the Record Label. Mangers vs Record Labels are a key matchup that should be further investigated so that even in an independent situation they won't cross paths with each other. Check out Managers Vs Record Labels | What do Managers do Pt.2 right now on the Music Money Makeover Show!



One who has the conduct or direction of anything; as the manager of a theater; the manager of a lottery, of an artist, etc.


What do Managers do?

  • The manager does not own or possess any property pertaining to the business establishment.

  • The manager does not own the publishing company or Record company.

  • The manager only conducts or directs the operation of the company.

  • The manager looks out for the well-being of the company.

  • The manager is paid a small fee, salary, or percentage to conduct the direction of the company to keep the company running efficiently.

  • The manager may be paid a commission on any deals brought to the table and closed upon.

What is a Record Company

A record company is a company that records the compositional intellectual property of a music publisher in the form of vinyl, cassette tapes, CDs, MP3, aiff, wav files, Session files, Blu-ray, DVD, or any audio medium that can reproduce a sound through speakers and can be purchased by a consumer.