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Managers VS Publishers - What Do Publishers Do?

This week I'm jumping into what managers do vs what publishers do so you don't have to question why your manager wants to own your publishing. Publishing is something an artist incentivizes their manager with, not something that is assigned to them by a customary measure. Keep an eye on your manager so no funny business arises down the road when it comes to publishing. Watch Manager vs Publishers explained right here on the music money makeover show!



One who has the conduct or direction of anything; as the manager of a theater; the manager of a lottery, of an artist, etc.


What do Managers do?

  • The manager does not own or possess any property pertaining to the business establishment.

  • The manager does not own the publishing company or Record company.

  • The manager only conducts or directs the operation of the company.

  • The manager looks out for the well-being of the company.

  • The manager is paid a small fee, salary, or percentage to conduct the direction of the company to keep the company running efficiently.

  • The manager may be paid a commission on any deals brought to the table and closed upon.



One who makes known what was before private or unknown; one that divulges, promulgates, or proclaims.