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Make an Extra $250 a month performing at open mics!

Yes, you absolutely can make an extra $250 a month performing and selling merchandise at an open mic, open mic cafe, or any open mic night really. It’s all in how you sell yourself, your product, and your performance. As an artist, we tend to get lost in making a great show and totally forget to give people a reason to support and follow up with us. Making an extra $250 a month can be easy at an open mic or open mic cafe setting if you have a hustle mindset and you believe in yourself so much so that people naturally support you. Learn how to make an extra $250 or more performing at any open mic night right here on the music money makeover show!

00:00 - Intro

00:48 - Preface

02:33 - Copyright Explained

04:27 - BMI Live/ASCAP On Stage

06:17 - BMI Live Testimonial $$$

08:05 - My BMI Live Explanation

10:08 - Donations11:27 - Merchandise

12:21 - QR Codes are King!

12:33 - Using CD’s as a Tool

13:50 - Merch Pack #1

15:11 - Merch Pack #2

15:52 - Merch Pack #3

16:29 - Major Key! 🔑

18:11 - Collect Contact Information

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