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Insider Secrets: Timing Your Leap into Music Publishing

A music artist on the brink of breaking into the industry often grapples with knowing the right time to secure a music publishing deal. This uncertainty can stem from navigating the complex landscape of music publishing, the fear of potential revenue loss from not having a deal at the right time, and the internal fear of making a wrong move that could lead to regret. At its core, there's a philosophical belief that it's essential to control and maximize the value and reach of one's musical output.

Exploitation or Collection in a Specific Territory

As a music artist, if you notice your music gaining significant traction in a particular region, it may be time to consider getting a music publisher. This crucial step can enhance your control over your music rights in that region and ensure they are exploited and collected effectively. This strategy not only provides a solution to the external problem of effective rights management but also addresses the internal fear of underutilizing your music's potential. Furthermore, it aligns with the philosophical belief that your music deserves proper recognition and compensation.

Writing More Songs Than You Release

If you find yourself writing more songs than you are able to release, a music publisher can play a pivotal role. Publishers have the necessary networks and resources to promote these additional songs to other artists, films, commercials, and more. Thus, even your unreleased music gets its fair share of exposure. In doing so, a music publisher can help ensure no song you create goes to waste, thereby addressing both the external issue of waste and the internal concern of your unreleased music being wasted effort. This also upholds the philosophical belief that every piece of art deserves its chance to shine.

250,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify Consistently

Having a consistent fan base of 250,000 monthly listeners on Spotify is a clear indicator of your growing popularity. At this point, a publisher can help in maximizing this potential by providing the necessary professional knowledge and resources to leverage this growing audience. By doing this, a publisher helps alleviate the external problem of audience engagement and growth while resolving the internal fear of not being able to cater to and grow this audience effectively. Moreover, it adheres to the belief that your music should be heard and appreciated by as many people as possible.

Cashing Out on Your Music Career

When you decide to cash out on your music career, a music publisher can prove to be an invaluable ally. They can ensure you're getting the best deals and that your rights are protected, providing financial stability and fair compensation for your hard work. This is ultimately the equivalent of cashing out in Vegas, taking your earnings, and going home. Getting into a publishing deal under these terms should only be done if you’re truly done with the game or need a leg up financially based on previous albums.

What if getting a publisher too early hampers my creative freedom?

A good publisher values the artist's creative freedom for the most part. Their goal is to amplify your work, not control it.

How can I be sure a publisher will prioritize my music as much as I do?

Choose a publisher who shares your vision and passion. This ensures that they'll prioritize your music just as you would. But remember, you must always stay in good standing with them by creating hot music!

What if I get trapped in a bad deal?

This is where understanding contracts and having a good legal advisor is crucial. They can help ensure that you're entering a fair and beneficial deal. They can also tell if it makes sense to enter the deal at the time you’re seeking if they are a sleazeball.

Try It Out!

Take control of your music career! Consider exploitation or collection in specific territories, leverage your unreleased songs, capitalize on your growing listener base, and strategically plan your cash-out.

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Success Scenario

  1. You have control over where and how your music is used.

  2. You generate greater revenue from your music.

  3. You are assured that your music reaches its full potential.

  4. You feel secure and confident in your career decisions.

  5. You see growth in your listener base.

  6. You achieve financial stability from your music.

Failure Scenario

  1. Lost opportunities due to lack of knowledge and representation.

  2. Reduced income from your music.

  3. Limited growth in your listener base.


From a talented artist standing on the edge of opportunity, you've evolved into a savvy musician who harnesses the power of music publishing. No longer uncertain, you're now adept at making strategic decisions that amplify your music's reach, maximize revenue, and fuel your growth in the industry. With this knowledge, you're no longer just a participant in the music industry - you're a contender.


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