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I Don’t Have Time!: How to build a music career working a 9-5

Are you frustrated with your 9-5 job getting in the way of your music career? Time constraints and unstructured planning killing your dreams? You're not alone. Lack of time to work on music due to a full-time job has always been a problem. Overwhelmed and frustrated? I know. Believing that you have to choose between a stable job and pursuing a passion in music sucks, but that is the reality.

I've been through this, and I made a video about how I quit my job back in 2021. Here is more insight into that plan.

Figure Out What You're Really Trying to Do

Understanding what you genuinely want to achieve in your music career is essential. By having clear and concise career goals, you'll save both time and effort. It aligns your passion with a clear path, reducing frustration and overwhelm. You don't have to abandon your day job to pursue music seriously. It's about aligning your passion with your daily life.

Trim the Fat from the Plan

In crafting your music career, it's crucial to trim unnecessary elements from your plans. This approach saves time and helps you focus on what really matters. A streamlined and focused planning process eliminates confusion. Focusing on what's essential encourages growth and progress in your career.

Block Out 1-2 Hours Daily to Work on Your Craft - No Days Off!

Dedication to your craft is key to success. By blocking out 1-2 hours daily to work on your music, you're building skills and nurturing a consistent routine that enhances confidence. Dedication and consistency are vital in developing yourself as an artist. Your craft deserves daily attention, and that commitment will shine through in your work.

Pace Your Creation Process & Schedule, Schedule, Schedule Your Content

Regular content creation and strict scheduling keep fans engaged and build momentum in your career. A structured approach to planning and pacing your creation process eliminates stress and ensures you're continually moving forward. Artistry requires both creativity and discipline. It's not just about inspiration; it's about putting in the hard work and managing your time to make your dreams a reality.

Common Concerns and Solutions

What if I don’t have the discipline to stick to the schedule?

Start small and gradually build the habit; consistency will come with practice.

Bro, I got kids. I can’t do this.

You can do this. You just have to be more structured in your life and with your time to make this happen.

What if I fail despite following these steps?

Understand that failure is a part of growth. Evaluate, learn, and adjust your plan accordingly.

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Steps That Lead to Success

  1. Clear and realistic goals.

  2. Efficient scheduling.

  3. Daily dedication to craft.

  4. Consistent content creation.

  5. Flexibility to learn from failure.

  6. Alignment of passion and career.

Pitfalls That Lead to Failure

  1. Lack of clear direction.

  2. Inconsistency in practice.

  3. Resisting change or adjustments.


From a frustrated artist juggling a 9-5 job, you can transform into a disciplined, creative force, steadily building a music career without sacrificing stability. By understanding your goals, trimming unnecessary elements from your plans, dedicating time daily to your craft, and pacing your content creation process, you can achieve your dreams. Embrace the journey, stay consistent, and success will follow.


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